By Eric Schmidt

The Tennessee Titans are a franchise heading into 2013 with a lot of needs, paying a temperamental running back $10 million dollars a year should not be one of their concerns. Chris Johnson burst on to the NFL scene in his second second season out of East Carolina, and rushed for 2,006 yards. He quickly let everyone associated with the NFL that he was going to be the greatest running back in league history and wanted to get paid as such.

It’s always been about the money for Johnson. He finally received a hefty pay increase and his production on the field has decreased. Imagine that. NFL teams should no longer continue to over pay for running backs.

In the past week, Johnson, slated to earn $10 million dollars next season with the Titans, told reporters that he was uncertain of his future with the franchise. At least he is rooted in some sort of reality. The Titans have a five day window between February 4 until the 9th where the team can drop him and have no financial responsibility for 2013. If he remains on the roster after the 9th, he is guaranteed $9 million dollars for 2013.

The Titans need to cut this dude loose in that window. He has always been all about the money and that’s all that matters to him. Don’t think that the Titans aren’t looking at the rushing standings and seeing Alfred Morris with 1,235 yards for the season.

Earlier this week, Johnson showed up for a press conference wearing a helmet, a la Ricky Williams, while a team official tried to get Johnson to remove the helmet while speaking to reporters. He was donning a Titans helmet with a black visor, making him look like something out of a Star Wars movie.

Yes, Johnson is a dynamic player and possesses elite speed, but he resembles another former Tennessee Titans player that played when he wanted to, Albert Haynesworth. Once he was paid, production dropped off the charts.

Rushing for 1,000 yards in a 16-game season? Not so impressive anymore. 65 yards per game. And hardly worth $10 million dollars a year.





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Readers Comments (3)

  1. avatar Gary

    I disagree. I think his production drop off has more to do with play calling, coaching, poor play execution and a sorry offensive line.

    The dude is never in any trouble off the field, always comes to camp in shape and plays hard every game regardless of the score. Does that sound like Albert Haynesworth? No it doesn’t.

    No he’s not Adrian Peterson who can get yards with a bad O-Line but no one is. CJ is still one of the best backs in the league so why would you get rid of one of your best players. What the Titans SHOULD do is invest heavily in an offensive line. A young QB’s best friend is a solid run game and CJ can still provide that. That to me makes the most urgent need for the Titans outside of better coaching is an O-Line.

  2. avatar will

    Totally agree,u couldn’t have said it better,I get sick of my Team getting rid of their playmakers.

  3. avatar Jackie

    You guys hit the nail on the head with those comments. You are SO right, the O-Line is inconsistent in making a path for CJ to run through or any other receiver for that matter. The coaching staff is not too hot in my book, but ok. The Titans need a good QB and some better coaches for the Defense & O-Line. You DO NOT get rid of your top players (Front Office People). Really, drop him?? BIG mistake if they do.


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