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It is being reported that it is a “virtual certainty” that the New York Jets will grant Tim Tebow his outright release following the 2012 NFL season, allowing him to join the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013. But while Tebow would certainly improve ticket sales for the lowly Jags, he may not help them in the win-loss category one bit.

Tebow is a cult phenomenon. He is an icon in the state of Florida, after winning the Heisman Trophy and a pair of national championships during his days leading the Gators in The Swamp. His unbridled popularity is incredible, especially for a player who has done next to nothing since entering the NFL.

Yes, he helped the Denver Broncos reach the playoffs last season. But to be honest, that team won in spite of Tebow under center. Not because of him.

The Jets traded for Tebow, although the reasons still remain unclear. It made no sense, and effectively ruined their entire season. It made Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan look like the fools they truly are, and shattered the already fragile confidence of Mark Sanchez. The team is in complete disarray, and only drastic changes in personnel both on and off the field will fix the situation going forward.

But the only other team interested in acquiring Tebow via trade last offseason was Jacksonville. What does that tell you?

Other teams who were desperate to upgrade the quarterback position had absolutely no interest in trading for Tebow. Not because he is a bad kid. Not because he is a poor athlete. He is neither. He seems like a great character who is athletically gifted.

What he is not is a starting NFL quarterback, regardless of what anyone believes.

Tebow may very well end up back in the state of Florida in 2013. He may become the starting quarterback of the Jaguars by the first game of the regular season. He will help the Jags sell a bunch more tickets, which is a very important trait for a player going to such a bad team with awful attendance numbers.

But he will not make them a better team. Truth be told, Tebow is not even an upgrade over Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert.

And that is saying something.





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  1. avatar WR Johnson

    You say Tebow accomplished next to nothing in the NFL, as if inspiring a team from a horrendous start to the season and giving it a chance to make the playoffs, then leading the team to an upset over the #1 defense in the league.

    It’s too bad critics like you have to ignore the fact that when Tebow is entrusted with a team, amazing things happen.

    Keep hatin haters, and that obviously now includes Rex Ryan. But who cares about Rex Ryan? In terms of being a winner at sport and at life, Ryan is a huge disappointment.


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