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The media world will apparently always obsess over New York Jets third string quarterback Tim Tebow. Never has a player who cannot even start on a terrible team drawn so much attention without committing a crime. Yet, despite the fact that Tebow continues to sit as one awful quarterback after another makes a start for the woeful Jets in another lost season.

Clearly, regardless of how much the media may love him – although I am not one of those such members – Rex Ryan clearly hates Tim Tebow.

He must. How could there be any other explanation? Ryan stuck with Mark Sanchez longer than any other coach would have, with his loyalty bordering on ridiculous. He then finally made a change, but it was to Greg McElroy, who didn’t do any better. Sure, he was a part of one drive that led to one win against a bad team. The next game, he was sacked 11 times in a loss to another bad team.

He is now concussed to the point where he lied about it, although he did not cover it up well enough, as Ryan has said that there is no chance that McElroy will suit up for the regular season finale against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

I guess I don’t have to say regular. It is the season finale for the Jets, who will miss out on the playoffs once again.

The way they have played, if this were a television series, it would be the series finale. It still should be for Ryan, general manager Mike Tannenbaum and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. They all deserve cancellation notices after a dismal 2012 season in New York.

The Jets need to fire Tannenbaum. They should fire Ryan. They have to fire Sparano. They would love to trade or cut Sanchez, and have to rid themselves of Tebow. The Jets need wholesale changes immediately after this season, and that will give the media more to talk about.

Because although his current coach is clearly not a fan, the media will always obsess over Tebow, regardless of where or how little he plays. It matters not to them.

Personally, I could care less. Tebow is a good kid, but he is not an NFL quarterback.





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