By Eric Schmidt

The Seattle Seahawks acquired free agent QB Matt Flynn in the offseason, signing him to a three-year, $19.5 million dollar contract, but will they trade Flynn prior to the start of the 2013 season? Despite signing Flynn, Seattle drafted QB Russell Wilson in the 2012 NFL Draft. Flynn had been considered the heir apparent to the starting job but Wilson supplanted Flynn and has guided the Seahawks to playoff contention in his rookie season.

Wilson is scheduled to earn a meager $526,217 dollars in 2013. If Wilson does indeed guide the Seahawks to the playoffs, a new contract will likely be negotiated. Flynn, after receiving $10 million guaranteed this season is slated to earn another $5.25 million next year, an amount that Seattle will be unlikely to pay for Flynn to back up Wilson next year.

Flynn was an intriguing prospect last season. He received little playing time after backing up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. His 500-yard, 6-touchdown performance in the last game of the season against Detroit raised eyebrows. Given that he was not able to unseat Wilson as the starter in Seattle does raise some questions as to whether or not he is ready to assume the role of starting quarterback in the NFL.

Given the fact that Flynn was unable to earn the starting job, there could be a market for him. The 2013 quarterback draft class is not as deep was the 2012 class. Additionally, the free agent market could be slim. Currently, there is simple speculation about what quarterbacks could be available next season. Alex Smith, Michael Vick and Matt Cassel are all under contract, with Cassel the most likely to be released. The Cardinals should part ways with Kevin Kolb in the offseason, but Kolb has proven to be unreliable in his time in Arizona. The Oakland Raiders could decide to part ways with veteran Carson Palmer and his $13 million dollar salary for 2013.

There are the fewest number of teams in serious need of a starting quarterback that I can remember in my lifetime, in part due to the strong drafts in the last two seasons. Kansas City, Jacksonville and Arizona are the neediest. Buffalo could go a different direction than Ryan Fitzpatrick. As mentioned, Oakland could move on from Carson Palmer. Is Christian Ponder the answer in Minnesota? Jake Locker in Tennessee?

Ideally for the Seahawks, would be a renegotiation in Flynn’s contract in order to keep him on the roster behind Wilson. However, after backing up Rodgers for years and now Wilson in Seattle, Flynn would likely want his chance to become a starter in the league. Wilson has firmly stated his case to be the starter in Seattle this year and in the coming years. Barring injury, Flynn will not see the field.






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Readers Comments (8)

  1. avatar Trakar Shaitanaku

    Flynn’s price is consistent with that of a high caliber back-up QB. What reason would Seattle have to trade him away? Can you point to anything Flynn has said which indicates that he would like to leave Seattle?

    • avatar Mark

      Trakar, I don’t see why more people don’t see this. Also the $10 million is already spent if he play or not or stays in Seattle or not. I think Flynn is the backup all of next year also. Look at how the management was willing to keep Whitehurst for 2 years as a backup.

  2. avatar Hawk_Eye

    In case you didn’t know, with the new NFL CBA, players can not renegotiate their contracts until after their third year, so the Seahawks have Russell Wilson for three years at his third round salary contract rate. Same for Richard Scherman. We have him for another year at his 5th round contract salary.

  3. avatar Gtran

    I like MF but Seahawks will likely to keep RW next year so I would think Seahawks needs to give MF a chance to start in the league with another team next year.

  4. avatar ozarkhawk

    Ideally, the Seahawks could shop Flynn to the Chiefs.

    The Chiefs need a QB desperately, and are probably going to get the #1 draft pick, and there aren’t any superstar QBs in this draft. Geno Smith at #1 is a huge reach.

    Also, Duane Bowe is an UFA.

    How about this. Seattle offers Flynn and their 1st round (#25ish) and their 2nd round (#55ish) for the Chiefs #1 pick and Bowe.

    KC gets extra picks, and besides, one of the 2 best QB’s is probably going to still be on the board at 25 anyway.

    Seattle uses the #1 pick on Luke Joeckel for an instant upgrade to the OL, and lines up a 4 WR set of D Bowe, S Rice, G Tate, and D Baldwin with Zach Miller as TE and a QB in Russell Wilson that is a threat to run as well? Yikes.

    • avatar Josh

      While Bowe would be a very nice addition to the Seattle offense…He is already talking about retiring with the Chiefs.

  5. avatar Patrick

    SEA doesn’t need Dwayne Bowe. The guy is stuck in his ways and he drops WAY TOO many balls. He also is looking at $8-10M/yr.

    There is no immediate need to trade Flynn either. What happens if something happens to Russ?

  6. avatar Not a Delusional Seattle Fan

    while i’m from seattle, i’m not as disillusioned as the rest of the city seems to be about russel wilson. matt flynn is clearly a better quarterback, and pete carrol should instead shop wilson off to whatever team is foolish enough to give up a 2nd-3rd round pick for him. i could have played qb for seattle against arizona and we would have won.

    it’s time to stop giving undeserved credit to wilson and appreciate how a great running game/defense has been able to carry the team to an 8-5* record (i use the asterisk because i think we all know who really won in greenbay), despite the play of a mediocre qb. Which, is really wilson is- a game manager. sort of like alex smith but not as good.

    I’m sick of all this unwarranted hype over russel wilson. has he even thrown for 300 yards yet? there are about 15-20 qbs i would take over him in the blink of an eye. its too bad my fellow seattle fans and various espn analysts are too irrational to see it. Especially since a qualified starter is riding the bench.


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