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The New York Jets have officially listed Tim Tebow as a game time decision for their Week 13 game against the Arizona Cardinals. Recovering from two fractured ribs, it appears highly doubtful that Tebow will play this week. Considering the nature and extent of his injury, it is completely understandable.

What is far more difficult to understand is why this is even a story.

Tebow has thrown seven passes for the Jets in 2012. He has run the ball 29 times. When you add what he has thrown and rushed for this season, Tebow has accounted for a grand total of 126 yards.

This should be a non-story. Any other player who has accounted for such little yards and has had relatively no impact on his team would not even get a blurb.

But because it is Tebow, it is national headlines.

Who cares if Tebow plays or not on Sunday? The Jets certainly don’t. The Cardinals definitely don’t. I know I clearly don’t. It is like the old adage asks.

If a tree falls in the woods, but nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

If Tim Tebow suits up or not, but does not make an impact, will anybody miss him?

Again, I know the answer is a resounding no from my standpoint. I just don’t understand why everyone else does not agree.






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