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When the Seattle Seahawks took a risk by not only starting a rookie quarterback, but by starting him over their prized free agent acquisition, many thought Pete Carroll had lost his mind. Much to the same tone of thought when he took Bruce Irvin at 15th overall in the NFL Draft, when he was graded as a mid to late 2nd rounder at best. This trend continued many times in the early goings of the 2012 NFL season. But it looks like Carroll may know what he’s doing after all.

For the second straight week, the Seahawks dropped a “50 burger” on an opponent. I realize that it was the Cardinals and the Bills, but to put up 108 points in two games doesn’t even happen in video games.

With a stout defense and an ever growing offense, the Seahawks have found themselves only a game behind the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West with a match up at home against their divisional foe this weekend.

No one expected much of this team in 2012, especially with another questionable draft and the decision to go to battle with a  third round rookie quarterback. But Russell Wilson has proven himself to be a real leader on the field and his team believes in him. This is an easy thing to do when the guy is making the type of big plays for this team all season that you’d expect of a five or six year NFL veteran.

You won’t hear a lot about Wilson in the national press since they’re still locked up in the Andrew Luck versus Robert Griffin III comparisons, but this is shaping up to be one of the best quarterback drafts in recent history.

By winning 9 of his first 14 starts, Wilson has caught the attention of the NFC with his 21 touchdowns and knack for clutch play. Combined with a young, brutal defense, just like that the Seahawks have become that team that no one in the NFC wants to play in the first round of the playoffs.

Ranked third overall in the NFL, the Seahawks defense has been stopping even the best offenses in their tracks and allowing just a hair over 300 yards per game in total offense. Paired with their league-leading 15.6 points allowed per game, the offense doesn’t have to do a whole lot to keep them in every game. This brings me back to the aforementioned pick of Bruce Irvin.

I think most of the national draft experts lost their brain when Carroll made that selection with much higher graded prospects slipping down the draft board. But with 8 quarterback sacks, the tandem of Irvin and Chris Clemons, who has 11.5 sacks of his own, the Seattle pass rush has been a terror all season by raising hell in the backfield of the opposition.

On offense, Marshawn Lynch continues his career rejuvenation in Seattle. Nearing 1,400 yards and 10 touchdowns, getting his big pay day didn’t curb his enthusiasm for gashing opposing defenses one bit. With a quarterback like Wilson who is always ready to take off (402 yards rushing this season), Lynch has found his perfect battery mate for teams that scheme to tee-off on him exclusively.

The job that Carroll has done in Seattle gets overlooked because of obvious reasons. He high-tailed it our of USC right as all of the trouble was headed towards the program with violations and suspensions. Then, going to a franchise that had struggled since Mike Holmgren left wasn’t an easy order. But in just three years, he’ll be taking them to the playoffs for the second time and already has a playoff victory under his belt.

This is a young team and they could be around for awhile if they can keep this defense together. Given that Wilson continues to grow and doesn’t hit the sophomore wall, the sky could be the limit. But I wouldn’t write the present off that easily. This is a scrappy team that isn’t going to be an easy pass in the playoffs. Wild card weekend could have some surprises this year.




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  1. avatar Hawk_Eye

    I’ll put the Seahawks last 3 draft up against anyone in the NFL. Name me one team who has done a better job.

  2. avatar Dan

    No team is equipped for present and long term success better then the Seahawks! This team is gonna be around for years.


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