By Eric Schmidt

Last night, the NFL and the NFL Network revealed the players that will be on this year’s 2012 NFL Pro Bowl roster. I think if the league office takes a look at the numbers, I’d venture a guess to say that more people were watching the Little Caesars Bowl game between Central Michigan and Western Kentucky. I know I was.

In usual, predictable, mainstream media fashion, copious articles were produced this morning about which players were snubbed from the Pro Bowl roster. Seriously? Other than players which made the squad and received a contractual roster bonus for making the list, who cares? I have spent five years writing about the NFL and I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I have even watched a Pro Bowl game.

The Pro Bowl is the most horrendous of all the All-Star games in professional sports. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suggested doing away with the contest, and I have to agree. The game is not even a shell of the NFL game and players that simply show up are there for a free trip to Hawaii. I’ll watch the coverage of the NFL Combine, but not the Pro Bowl. It’s a joke.

So, for media outlets to start out once again this morning with articles about who was snubbed in Pro Bowl balloting is just laughable. Half of the players are on playoff teams and they will likely not show up either after playing in respective championship games or if they are advancing to the Super Bowl. The current Pro Bowl roster landscape will look much different as we head towards kickoff of the irrelevant game.





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