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Continuing the series that began yesterday, we’re still looking at the teams looking to replace their head coach and what the latest news and rumors on that front is. In part I, we looked at the Cardinals, Bills and Bears. Today, we move along to the Browns, Jaguars and Chiefs.

Cleveland Browns

Something that doesn’t make sense to me is glancing over the Browns roster and seeing that it really has some fine talent on it. You have some serious building blocks in place and this team should be way better than it consistently is. To me, that says it’s got to be in part because of the coaching and Browns ownership agreed, handing Pat Shurmur his walking papers on Black Monday.

But Shurmur wasn’t the only casualty to the Browns staff as general manager Tom Heckert received his farewell along with team President Mike Holmgren who is said to be interested in returning to the sidelines. With some fine talent in place and good positioning in the NFL draft, for the first time in a long time, Cleveland looks quite attractive to available coaches.

So where is Cleveland sniffing around at? Ken Whisenhunt continues his interview carousel with a meeting today and the team has been rumored for everyone from Jon Gruden to Nick Saban. Owner Jimmy Haslam is being rumored to saying that he wants a big hitter and will go hard after Saban, but a young coordinator type like Ray Horton might be the best he can attract. Horton does have an interview with the team scheduled.

Jacksonville Jaguars

I realize that those reading this are exclaiming the the Jaguars still have a head coach, however I feel that the retention of Mike Mularkey is temporary and only in place because team owner Shad Khan tests the water for potential replacements. General manager Gene Smith has already been shown the door and Khan has repeatedly been publicly lukewarm to the question of Mularkey’s future.

While there are some good pieces in place, the bust that has been Blaine Gabbert is hanging over the franchise as they rebuild. There are rumors that Khan likes San Francisco’s Tom Gamble for the vacant general manager spot, hoping to find the next Thomas Dimitroff. Whoever it is, he needs to nail this hiring and end the ludicrous Tebow talk before it gets going any hotter.

Mularkey was a questionable hire the moment it happened and it didn’t inspire much confidence among the fan base that Khan was really interested in keeping the team in Jacksonville. Everything from his offense to his contract dispute with Maurice Jones-Drew going public has been working against him. He inherited a mess and I’m not so sure anyone could have fixed it in a year. But it’s clear he isn’t the guy for the long term in Jacksonville.

Kansas City Chiefs

Here is the big news of the day. Stories are breaking all over the place that the team is close to a deal with Andy Reid. He still has interviews with San Diego and Arizona lined up, but they’re pushing hard to get him to commit before leaving negotiations. I’m willing to bet they’ve offered him complete control, including bringing in his own guys.

If he takes the job, he has some solid pieces, but no quarterback. Matt Cassel seems to be done in Kansas City and it would be easier to move on from him and Brady Quinn than taking the Chargers or Bears job and having a messier contract situation with their respective quarterbacks.

With them a complete dumpster fire this season, there is no way for the Chiefs organization to go but up. Not firing general manager Scott Pioli is a real head scratcher and his fate my be tied with whomever eventually takes the head coaching job, as I doubt anyone they hire chooses to keep him on board. More updates as they happen, but it looks like Reid could be the guy and that’s the best news Chiefs fans will get all season.

Keep it locked into The Pigskin Report for the final part of this series as I take a look at the Jets, Eagles and Chargers.




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