By Eric Schmidt

You’d be hard pressed to find another team in the NFL that is in as much current disarray than the New York Jets. The Jets have been dysfunctional for the last two seasons and the situation does not seem to be calming down anytime soon. Yesterday, news broke that Jets owner Woody Johnson told a general manager candidate that QB Tim Tebow was forced on him last season. Excuse me? Last time I checked, Johnson is the owner, he writes the checks.

A report suggests that GM candidate Ted Sundquist was told by Johnson that Tim Tebow was forced on him by former general manager Mike Tannenbaum. The report states that Johnson had to be convinced to add Tebow to the roster. But this contradicts Johnson’s statements through the season supporting Tebow.If Johnson didn’t want to add Tebow, explain to me exactly how Tebow was ultimately added.

The addition of Tebow to the Jets created a media frenzy. ESPN camped out at Jets training camp every day this preseason. Tweets went out with every pass attempt Tebow took in practice. Never before in NFL history has a second-string quarterback created so much fanfare.

Tebow was supposed to be an integral part of a Wildcat package this season. The Jets would not practice this package for the media to see, it was all done in secret. The package was so secret that it never found the field. As Mark Sanchez continued to struggle on the field, the calls for Tebow to start grew, but the team went another direction instead.  Greg McElroy was tabbed as a possible replacement.

The search for a replacement for Tannenbaum dragged on for weeks, with several candidates refusing to interview for the position. New York eventually hired John Idzik to fill the position.

Tebow is expected to be released in the offseason.




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