By Eric Schmidt

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, virtually everyone offers up a prediction of some sort on the big game. Celebrities, television personalities even animals weigh in on offering up an opinion on the outcome. There is a website devoted to running computer models and determining the outcome of major sporting events, This site claims that they have run 50,000 runs of their computer model featuring Super Bowl XLVII.

In nearly 67% of the time, the San Francisco 49ers came out victorious. During their wins, the computer predicted that the Niners would win by an average of seven points with the average score being 28-21.

The website touts that they have a record of 8-0 ATS in the last eight Championship games and Super Bowls and have correctly predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl seven of the last nine times.

For those of you interested in the litany of prop bets, the site reports an average on the quarterbacks as well. Joe Flacco completes 20 of 35. Colin Kaepernick completes 17 of 28 pass attempts.

I guess we’ll find out this week if the computer can continue it’s eight game win streak in predicting NFL games.




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