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If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you are a sports fan. I am a huge sports fan, and have been one all my life. Like many, I get excited when my favorite team wins, as well as a bit upset when they lose. But never have I ever thought about lodging a death threat against any of the players who may have liked to my team losing.

The latest death threats via Twitter to San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers further prove one thing that I have been saying for years now.

Sports fans are idiots and are only getting worse.

It is getting ridiculous. As if there is not enough needless violence and hatred in this country, we now have to worry about all of these morons coming out and threatening a human being’s life because he missed a kick during a game? Seriously? What type of civilization are we becoming?

Sadly, I worry about the future of this country and its sports fans. For years, we all marveled at the fact that certain groups of soccer fans rioted during so many games. Are we now any better? Players receiving death threats because they miss a kick or muff a punt or drop a pass? It is beyond moronic.

Then again, so are many sports fans.

It is time for a change, people. And it needs to start now.





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