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Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis has proclaimed this season as his “last ride” in the NFL. Lewis is expected to retire at the end of this season which comes around 10 p.m. EST on Sunday night. He’s had a storied career in the league. No one can discount the ferocity and level of play he brought to both the locker room and the field for the Baltimore Ravens. But despite the NFL’s attempt to elevate him to a deity status, his image will forever be tarnished by those that chose to remember the truth.

Shortly after the Ravens victory over the Ravens, Wes Welker’s wife went to Facebook and made a post regarding the Ravens win. The post has been deleted, but we all remember what it read. “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids, 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off Yay! What a hall of fame player. A true role model.”

This entire incident surrounding Lewis and his “involvement” in 2000 in Atlanta remains the dirty little secret that the NFL would rather just sweep under the rug. The truth regarding his role that night will likely never be known except for those that were actually there. The NFL and their associated network will dare not mention the situation, dare tarnish the legendary 17-year linebacker that redefined the position.

Prior to the Ravens home playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts in the first-round of the playoffs, USA Today published an article by Brent Schrotenboer titled. Not Forgotten, Not Forgiven outlining the events of that evening. Reports suggest that members of the Ravens locker room verbally assaulted Schrotenboer after the Ravens victory when he came into the Ravens locker room.

Lewis is a product of the University of Miami. A football program that has been wrought with illegal activities and he attended the university and the zenith of illegalities. IN 2011, Yahoo! Sports documented how one booster, incarcerated Ponzi scheme architect Nevin Shapiro, had nearly a decade of NCAA violations, racking up thousands of illegal activities. The “U” as it’s referred to, has produced a great many NFL players, but they all seemingly enter the NFL with a sense of entitlement. Hurricane fans call it Swag, I call it feigned arrogance. They cheated the system in college and believe they are above any accountability for anything currently.

Now enter the latest chapter in Mr. Lewis’ career. broke a story this afternoon regarding the possibility that Ray Lewis doped in order to return to the field this year, something Lewis categorically denies. We’ve never heard a professional athlete deny doping charges now have we? Lance Armstrong? Nope, never heard any denials.

Lewis suffered a torn triceps this season. At the time of the injury, it was widely speculated that the 37-year old Lewis would end his career on a bitter note, having to go out with a career-ending injury. And then, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Lewis makes a remarkable comeback. He’s able to play again this season for the Ravens in the team’s first playoff game. He must have remarkable healing powers. He’s almost superhuman. He’s a deity. reports that Lewis contacted S.W.A.T.S. Sports with Alternatives to Steriods, a controversial company that provides athletes with illegal substances to increase performance in their respective sport.

The article implicates Lewis, saying he has been taking illegal substances for over two years and claims that he used a substance, deer antler extract or IGF-1 in order to recover faster from his triceps injury. Lewis refutes the claim. Of course he does.

When questioned on Tuesday, Lewis responded, “I wouldn’t mention his antics in my speeches or in my moment. Every test I’ve ever took in the NFL, there’s never been a question. I never even thought about taking anything. So to entertain stupidity like that, tell him to get his story from someone else.” Lewis was referring to David Epstein, the co-author of the story.

All Lewis has to do is deflect these questions for about the next five days. He will likely get away with it as he has a willing accomplice in the media. He is retiring and after his career is over, whatever comes of this will not impact his playing time. Lewis can point to all his passing drug tests, like another athlete, but according to several reports this evening, IGF-1 can only be detected in blood tests, not the urine tests the NFL administers.

I’m sorry for the skepticism here, but I no longer look at sports stories the same way I did years ago. Professional athletes possess a skill set that only 0.01% of the public has but they are flawed individuals. They are fighting, clawing and scratching, to remain on top of their game and will use every advantage they can possibly gain in order to remain on top. They will lie straight to the camera. They will accuse their accusers. They will carry on a charade that lasts for years if need be, knowing the entire time they are lying to themselves and to the public.

It’s only when the house of cards seems to be tumbling down is when the truth comes out.Then comes the Oprah moment.

I’m not buying into the Ray Lewis explanation. Sports fans have been lied to multiple times in recent years in virtually every sport. The media can continue to portray him in holier than thou light, but he’s just another human being. After his injury this year, virtually every sports outlet, every pundit, had written off his career. For this “remarkable” comeback to have occurred at his age, with his mileage, something else was involved. Plain and simple.

Sorry Ray, I’m simply not buying your defense. You’re a remarkable football player and your spot in Canton is being arranged after Sunday, but come clean for once.








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  1. avatar BOBO

    Wes Welker’s wife should never have apologized for what she said. If Ray Lewis hadn’t trashed his white suit he’d be listening to this Superbowl sitting next to Carolina Panther WR Ray Carruth.
    Two murderers, two different outcomes.Funny how they both found God.


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