By Eric Schmidt

These instances of fan violence at major sporting events are becoming all too familiar in today’s society. Another incident was recorded after yesterday’s contest between the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a fan suffered a slashed throat after the game concluded last night.

According to the paper, some 49ers fans were partying in the silver lot of the Georgia Dome when an argument started with Falcons fans. Reportedly a Falcons fan punched a Niners fan and then someone pulled out a knife and one of the fans was slashed in the throat. The victim was transported to a local hospital and is reported to be in stable condition. The person wielding the knife has not been apprehended as of yet.

These incidents are becoming more and more prevalent at sporting events. There were issues at Candlestick Park last season during the playoffs, prompting undercover police officers to attend the game in the stands. Last week, 92 fans were ejected from Candlestick Park. A Chicago Bears fan was stabbed to death before heading to watch a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this year.These are just a minute few accounts of the lunacy.

What is wrong with society? It’s a game people. Just because you wear a team’s jersey doesn’t give you any extra power, get over yourself. And owners are wondering why attendance is declining.





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