By Eric Schmidt

A curious story emerged this week from former Oakland Raiders WR Tim Brown regarding the Oakland Raiders appearance in Super Bowl XXXVII. Brown alleged, in a radio interview over the weekend that Raiders head coach sabotaged the Raiders appearance in the Super Bowl a decade ago against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jerry Rice supported the initial claims but several members of that team have not been as supportive of Brown’s comments.

Called to the carpet, Brown seems to be backtracking on his original statements. According to his statements this morning on the Dan Patrick Show, Brown said, “I have never said that he sabotaged the game.” Excuse me? That is exactly what Brown accused Callahan of doing over the weekend.

During the radio interview Brown had this weekend, he stated, “We all called it sabotage, because Callahan and Gruden were good friends”.  Hmm.

Now, Brown is backing off his original claims. Why? Why did he even feel in the first place that he needed to interject himself into this discussion in the first place? And frankly, there was no discussion ongoing about this, before he fired up the discussion. And why fire this discussion up while being a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The timing of this entire story is most perplexing to me. Hard core sports fans have learned to become skeptical of any event surrounding players in recent years. This one is no different. This story has not surrounded a complete agreement of former players on that Raiders roster.

Brown really tried to back out of his inflammatory statements against Callahan this afternoon on the Dan Patrick show, but Brown is going to have to take many steps backwards in order to try to tell those that listened to the original interview. I guess the words out of his mouth I thought I heard, I didn’t hear. This is a monument that goes back to the definition of what “is” is.

Brown can now change his story if he wants, but his original comments this past weekend are on tape. He said what he said, despite his backpeddling currently. Perhaps Brown is trying to boost his relevance in the NFL arena as he heads into the final round of voting to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is simply trying to justify the fact that he mustered just one catch for 9 yards in the biggest stage of his career.

Either way, Brown’s reputation has been tarnished and while off-field issues aren’t supposed to be considered for voting into the Hall of Fame, I doubt at this point he makes the final cut at this point.




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