By Eric Schmidt

The Jacksonville Jaguars hired David Caldwell as the team’s general manager in recent days, and he took little time to fire head coach Mike Malarkey. Perhaps Mr.Caldwell should pay attention to some league rules before speaking about players that are under contract with other teams.

Tim Tebow has been rumored to be on the radar of the Jacksonville Jaguars, but coaches are not allowed to speak about players that are currently under contract in the NFL. Coaches and personnel are not allowed to speak about players that are currently under contract.

I’m surprised that Mike Florio at didn’t pick up on this legal tidbit, being an attorney. According to his site, Caldwell responded this afternoon,” I can’t imagine a scenario where he’d be a Jacksonville Jaguar.” After all, he wrote this article I linked to.

During an interview with Mike and Mike yesterday morning, Andy Reid claimed he was unable to speak about the future of Michael Vick because he was still under contract with the Eagles. So, exactly how is David Caldwell able to make comments about Tim Tebow while he is still under contract with the New York Jets?

This announcement by the new general manager of the Jaguars now throws serious wrenches into the future career of Tim Tebow. It was speculated that it would be a foregone conclusion that Jacksonville would acquire the hometown boy and move forward. The hiring of David Caldwell is changing the Jaguars landscape.







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  1. avatar Ursulo G

    WoW Really? Really? This man has been GM for all but two days and the whole inter-world has homed in on Dave like a freaking remake version of Flash Gordon starring u guessed it Tim Tebow, quarter back of the New York Jets lol. Give this guy a break Mr. legality. I’m glad he adressed the press honestly, and shot down any scenario of bringing on Timmy. Beside we are better off without him. Go Jags 2013 should be a good one to follow if you are a Jags fan. Peace and God bless.

  2. avatar Mack Bush

    Jacksonville Jaguars:
    I hope the Buc’s are smarter than David Caldwell of the Jaguars. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need Tim Tebow to be a real factor in 2013. Tim Tebow can put the Buc’s in the position of top dog in the Florida’s NFL and maybe even more. Our new coach from New Jersey, I believe, will have the last needed position to be a REAL Team. Quarterbacks makes or breaks the team.

    Thanks David Caldwell for at least allowing the Buc’s the opportunity to make a smart move or not.

  3. avatar Karl

    I have looked for your so called rule and haven’t been able to find such rule. I would bet Andy Reed chose to claim he was unable to speak about the future of Michael Vick because he was still under contract. as a way to either sideline the talk or to try to put it to rest. But I bet that they are more like Guidelines than rules.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Tim Tebow is under contract as well.


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