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Rex Ryan was on vacation in the Bahamas to avoid having to answer more questions following another disappointing season as head coach of the New York Jets. We already know that general manager Mike Tannenbaum is gone, and that offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is likely not far behind. What we do not know is whether or not an image spotted on Ryan’s arm of a woman wearing a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey is authentic.

As you can see, the ink of Ryan’s right arm is of a woman wearing a Sanchez No. 6 Jets jersey, in what also appears to be an image of her doing something that we often see out of that other New York quarterback.

And no, I am not talking about Greg McElroy.

It appears as if the woman is “Tebowing.” You know, the craze people got all caught up in last season after Tim Tebow took a knee after a score. Granted, it is not as if he was the first player to ever do so, but due to his cult phenomenon, the motion was named after him.

As of now, we do not know about the authenticity of this tattoo. If it is real, it almost appears to be of a mocking nature toward Tebow, with the woman wearing a Sanchez jersey. Again, it is all just purely speculation as of right now, but it appears to be quite real.

Of course, real and impressive are two entirely separate entities.

For example, the issues with the Jets for the past two seasons have been very real.

But I would certainly not call anything about this team impressive.





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