By Eric Schmidt

Baltimore Ravens veteran linebacker Ray Lewis announced that this season will be his last in the NFL. Lewis is making a start this weekend in his final game in Baltimore against the Indianapolis Colts. Lewis suffered a torn triceps injury earlier this season and has found his way back onto the field. Once he suffered the injury, many speculated that he might not play another football game in his career, given the nature of the injury and his age. is reporting this morning that Lewis is very close to signing a contract with ESPN as a contributor next season. Richard Deitsch writes that Lewis will have a significant role on the network’s Monday Night Countdown pre-game show next season. He will likely circulate around the various ESPN shows as well. reports that ESPN has declined comment but the source speaking to SI suggests that the announcement will be made as soon as the Baltimore Ravens post-season is finished.

Lewis’ son, Ray Lewis III will play for the University of Miami Hurricanes in 2013, playing running back/defensive back.




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  1. avatar Chuck Schick

    Great, another reason NOT to watch espn.

    • avatar chiefsfan1_9

      You are 100 % right

  2. avatar Steve

    I can’t believe that ESPN is sinking that low as to hire Ray Lewis who as we know was implicated in the murder of two people. Is the pool of color commentators that bad that they are going to hire him? Time to take ESPN off of the favorites on the TV

  3. avatar george estes

    gonna have to find another sports channel to watch screw R. Lewis

    • avatar Wayne Beigel

      screw you dbag what do you know? you know zip! Ray will be a success at whatever he does bc he’s a winner!

  4. avatar steve

    First it was a druggie,Irvin that could”nt keep his eyes open during the show,now a wannabe that can”t speak english.What is he going to do?Will he do his crane in heat dance and yell his gorilla call?I will not watch espn once they put this clown on the air.


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