By Eric Schmidt

Chip Kelly has been named as the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Questions abound about what his success at the next level will be. Can he bring his fast-paced, high-octane offense to the NFL level and make it work? It remains to be seen. The biggest question facing Kelly right now is who will be the starting quarter back next season. Rookie Nick Foles started several games for Andy Reid and the Eagles, but his style of play doesn’t fit what Kelly’s offensive scheme did in college.

Soon after the hiring of Kelly, speculation began about the future of Michael Vick with the Philadelphia Eagles. Due a $3 million dollar signing bonus days after the Super Bowl, Vick’s future with the team remains cloudy. Vick is scheduled to make $15 million in 2013 under his current contract. Unless he re-negotiates his current contract, the Eagles will likely release the veteran.

Kelly’s offense is predicated around a mobile quarterback that runs his style of the pistol or read-option offense. Vick, who will turn 33 before the start of next season, should not be the option for Kelly. When asked in a presser this afternoon about Vick’s roll moving forward, Kelly stated he needed to watch the film. Kelly should watch the film of an aging quarterback that is turnover and injury prone and is nowhere near worth $15 million dollars.

So what are the options for the Eagles? I listened to Colin Cowherd this morning and he claimed that he spoke to someone on the Oregon staff. Cowherd claimed that Kelly is going to go all in on the defensive side of the ball and draft some average, read-option quarterbacks, knowing that they aren’t going to last in the NFL. The source told Cowherd, Kelly could use multiple quarterbacks.  I’d suggest that before going all in on the defense, the offensive line should require some attention as well.

If Cowherd’s source is correct, Kelly could either become a genius in the league or he’ll be gone in three years. The current NFL is a quarterback driven league. However, half of the teams that advanced to the playoffs this season had either rookie or second-year starters under center. Three of those quarterbacks ran a version of the read-option.

Kelly might not have to go far in order to find a cheap replacement with some NFL experience for Vick. Vince Young is currently unemployed. Tim Tebow is likely going to be released and Terrelle Pryor might be obtained in a trade.

I know that Eagles fans are not going to be hot on the prospect of Vince Young returning to the Eagles after his famous quote of labeling the 2011 Eagle the Dream Team. But, he’s unemployed and can be had for a reasonable price. This isn’t Andy Reid’s offense anymore. Young might fit the bill for Kelly in the short term.

Tim Tebow. Love him, hate him, say what you will, this dude can run with the football and ran the spread at the University of Florida like nobody’s business. He made it work in Denver during the 2011 season. His prospects for starting jobs are skinny right now, so he could likely be obtained for a reasonable amount.

Terrelle Pryor. This cat is 6-foot 6, runs a 4.38-40 and he is languishing on the Oakland Raiders bench. I think this is the quarterback that the Eagles really go after. He will be just 24 at the start of next season. He fits the Kelly style of offense. The issue with obtaining Pryor has to do with what are the Raiders plans at the quarterback position. Are they planning on paying Carson Palmer the $13 million he’s owed next season? I would have to think they might, because with nothing left on the line at the end of the season, Pryor only started one game for the Raiders.

Kelly and Pryor also have a history together, he tried to recruit the quarterback before he opted to attend Ohio State. Another issue that makes a trade more enticing is that the Raiders don’t have a lot of draft selections this year.

Terrelle Pryor might not be the perfect quarterback for Chip Kelly, but if obtained, he might get Kelly through the next few years. And that will be crucial as to whether or not he remains in the NFL.






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Readers Comments (6)

  1. avatar Joe

    Case Keenum!

  2. avatar Dyce

    Aint no way Eagles getting Pryor, Mckenzie wont let it happen unless yal wanna give up the fourth pick overall…. Pryor has way to much upside n will be Oakland starter in 2014. One more year behind Palmer this time as the #2.

    Pryor was the Great Al Davis’ final draft pick and that means something to Raider Nation.

    • avatar Nolan

      they talking about a 4 or 5 round pick foo

      • avatar Steven

        No Reggie would never trade our future so the answer is no.


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