By Eric Schmidt

The future appears very uncertain for Tim Tebow and his NFL career. Tebow would like another opportunity to become a starting quarterback in the league but with the Jacksonville Jaguars stating they have no interest, he’s chances appear very thin. If he were to accept a position change, would the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be interested in him?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are struggling with attendance issues. The idea of Tebow to Jacksonville was considered popular because he would help sell tickets. The University of Florida is less than a two hour drive from Tampa Stadium. The Bay area is filled with thousands of Gators fans. Treasure Island, on the Gulf beaches, is home to Gators. The bar which claims to be the world’s longest outdoor bar is a shrine to the university and is owned by a Bull Gator booster.

I’m not stating the Buccaneers should bring Tebow in order to challenge Josh Freeman. I am suggesting bring Tebow in only with the clear understanding that he is undergoing a position change to tight end or H-back. Tebow played on special teams for the Jets this season, and I believe he could be an effective player in the H-Back role.

The Buccaneers have to do something about the sagging attendance numbers. Tampa finished 31st in the league this season, averaging just 55,102 per game. Last decade, the Buccaneers claimed 100,000 people were on the waiting list for season tickets. Now, Tampa struggles through blackouts.

Tebow is going to have to make the decision on what his career holds. The prospects for playing quarterback this year look slim. I believe that ultimately he is going to have to accept a different role. Kansas City, Arizona and Kansas City have the most glaring hole at the position but I do not see a scenario that has him landing in any of those locations.

If he is unwilling to accept a different role in the NFL, the only other option he’ll have if he wants to continue playing quarterback will be to explore the Canadian Football League for a season.




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