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The Orange Bowl resulted in another BCS Bowl Game blowout on Tuesday night, as the Florida State Seminoles dismantled the Northern Illinois Huskies in Miami, 31-10. To sum things up, the clock struck midnight on the Huskies, as they proved they just can’t hang with the big boys of the college football world.

And, truth be told, the Seminoles are not even a top 10 team.

But to add insult to injury, according to Bruce Feldman of, at least one Orange Bowl Rep admitted that he did not want to see NIU play in the big game in the first place.

“You guys [NIU] don’t even deserve to be here,” the Orange Bowl rep said to the NIU staffer, according to Feldman. “We didn’t even want you here.”

Feldman reported that the source said that this altercation took place in a hospitality suite the other night. Apparently, it did not serve as enough motivation for the Huskies to put up a competitive fight against the Seminoles on Tuesday night. While it was still a two possession game at the half, you could just tell that the only outcome left to be seen was the final score. The victor was really never in much doubt.

But as we have seen, the Non-AQ teams can go one of two ways. They can pull off the monumental upsets such as when the Utah Utes destroyed the Alabama Crimson Tide or when the Boise State Broncos upended the Oklahoma Sooners, or they can go the way of the Hawaii Warriors when they were blown out by the Georgia Bulldogs. It is still difficult to say that a team did not belong in a game when the rules are written a certain way.

Of course, that could have all been avoided if the BCS rules permitted more than two teams from the same conference to play in a BCS Bowl Game. The elite teams from the top conferences should not be penalized for playing the most difficult schedule.

After all, can you really tell me that the Clemson Tigers or South Carolina Gaemcocks or Georgia Bulldogs would not have put on a better show against Florida State in the Orange Bowl than Northern Illinois?

I would bet dollars to donuts that not only would they have played a better game, but that there is a great chance that all three would have emerged victorious.

But that is a different argument for another day.





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  1. avatar Jody

    you are dead on. these teams need to stay and play their teams. they lost to the only school they played in an AQ conference and it was to Iowa…who didn’t even go to a bowl game. it is pitiful and not fair these teams can go and leave other deserving teams on the outside looking in because week in and week out they play big time opponents.

  2. avatar AmusedAtYou

    Not a Florida State fan I see. Well you can only play who they put in front of you. We ended up blowing them out, and we will finish in the top 10. With your reference to Georgia and South Carolina likely emerging victorious you are clearly a SEC fanboy. We did beat Clemson, who did just beat LSU. So you can pretty much suck it.


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