By Eric Schmidt

Social media can be a very useful avenue of communication, but it also brings out the lowest of humanity from time to time. It’s easy for people to remain anonymous and make threats and classless remarks to others. Perhaps sports fans are the worst. NFL players are constantly receiving death threats. San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers received them this year. Josh Morgan received them just to name a few. Now comes a report from Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith after the Ravens defeated the New England Patriots.

Smith tweets that Patriots fans were taunting him on Twitter about his brother. Tevin Jones died in a motorcycle accident in October of last year, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by some Patriots fans.

“Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never received as many rude tweets after a win than Sunday….yet NE fans cry about class,” Smith tweeted.

The advent of Twitter has elevated fans to some form of importance. It’s as if they gain some form of increased self importance if they are “following” certain people on Twitter. Every team, regardless of sport has these fanatical fans. Lunatics all. If I were a professional athlete, I would be very aware of my surroundings at all times. There are some very unstable members of society and god forbid these nutjobs that taunt and torment players in 140 characters ever elevated things to the next level. I suppose Twitter is just a microcosm of the insanity that engulfs our society currently. It’s a game people, get over it.




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