By Eric Schmidt

Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson thinks that the club needs to bring in some competition for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason. Johnson, speaking to The Buffalo News said that Fitzpatrick is a good quarterback, but he needs to be challenged. Fitzpatrick was basically handed the job in 2010 and the Bills have done nothing more than give Fitzpatrick a contract extension without providing any real competition at the position.

The Bills are almost certain to bring in someone to challenge Fitzpatrick under rookie head coach Doug Marrone. Marrone wants to install a version of the Bills K-Gun, no-huddle offense that Buffalo ran in the 1990’s under Jim Kelly. It remains to be seen if Fitzpatrick can successfully operate under that sort of offensive scheme.

“He is a good quarterback. We’ve all seen that. Obviously, they may bring somebody else in. I just hope it leads to competition. I think Fitz is one of those competitors. He may come out with the job again,” said Johnson.

It remains to be seen who that competition might be. The free agent class at quarterback is exceptionally thin this offseason. Prior to being fired, rumors linked Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick to the Bills under Chan Gailey.

One serious possibility would be if the Bills were to draft Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib. Nassib, currently at the Senior Bowl, told reporters that being drafted by the Buffalo Bills would be, “a match made in heaven.”




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