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Forget about the BCS. Forget about a four team postseason beginning in the 2014 college football season. Forget about the lowly bowl games in the middle of December. In case you needed further proof why college football needs a true playoff system implemented as soon as possible, look no further than the Louisville Cardinals upsetting the heavily favored Florida Gators in last night’s Sugar Bowl.

The Gators were nearly a two touchdown favorite last night against the Cardinals, but they failed to show up and show any heart. Having been the second SEC team to be able to play in a BCS Bowl Game behind only the Alabama Crimson Tide, we saw once again why the rule of only allowing two teams from a conference to participate in a BCS Bowl Game is ludicrous.

We also saw why we need a playoff system in college football. If they played as well as they did at times last night, we could have been watching the true kings of the college football world last night in the Louisville Cardinals.

Or the Clemson Tigers the other night. Or the South Carolina Gamecocks, Georgia Bulldogs, Stanford Cardinal or Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Why not?

Well, because college football is made up of 35 bowl games, one of which actually matters. Truth be told, the other 34 may be good for the schools and programs in terms of recruiting and bringing in more money, but they are nothing more than exhibition games. Aside from the BCS Championship Game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Alabama Crimson Tide on Monday, the other 34 bowl games mean next to nothing. Sure, they are fun to watch, but they carry little significance.

That is because it is not a true postseason. It is the only major sport or association without one.

With 120 teams eligible for a bowl game, you either have to be pretty bad, have sanctions levied against your program or just have no clue how to run a successful program to even fail to qualify to play in a bowl game any more. Go 6-6 in a decent conference and you are but in for a bowl game. What does that really accomplish?

If we had a playoff system, look at the endless possibilities. Now, 70 teams are playing in bowl games. If we look at the 68 in the college basketball tournament, we see that anything can happen. Of course, that many teams in a college football postseason tournament is simply not feasible. But that does not mean that we should not be limited to four.

Because how will they be selected? We know that the top billing will go to the SEC champion, followed by the winners of the Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 12. That would mean the other conference would have to send an undefeated team through the entire season to have any chance of qualifying for the four team postseason.

Sorry, Louisville. You would have been out. Sorry, Georgia. Sorry Clemson, South Carolina and Oklahoma State. Sorry, Texas A&M, Oregon, Kansas State and Florida State. Even though all of those teams can beat any given team on any given day, they would have never been given the opportunity.

And, if things shape up like they appear, they never will.





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  1. avatar Daniel Beam Cardinal Fan

    Great article ever since it was announced there would be a 4 team playoff I have been saying its not enough. The SEC would be the conference that they pick the first teams from every year and your right other teams from other conferences would be left out if we had a playoff this season Louisville could have had a great chance at winning it all. WE NEED A BIGGER PLAYOFF. atleast a 16 team playoff that would make most of the fans happy and it is not impossible to do that would be A 15 game post season, not too bad. Something has to happen and no better time than now.

  2. avatar alanmoore

    You nailed it! The new playoff will not be enough. What we need is a Fair and Just playoff system. Have you ever thought about starting a grass roots movement. If so count me in.

    Alan Moore


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