By Eric Schmidt

The football world is focused on the preparation for Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Next year, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played in New Jersey at the New Meadowlands Stadium. It will be the first time a Super Bowl will be played in a northern climate in an open air stadium. I despise the idea. Have the officials at the league office stepped outside this week? A tad chilly?

New York City is expecting a high of 20 today. Tonight the mercury dips to 13 with a chance of snow. Excellent.

I do not like this experiment. I realize it’s the unwritten rule typically in the NFL, that if you build a new stadium, you will generally be awarded a Super Bowl in a type of reward for building a new venue. I get it.The NFL has certain requirements in order to host a Super Bowl and one of those is average temperatures. The league simply skipped over that requirement in order to award the Super Bowl to New York.

I hope this experiment fails and fails miserably. I want bitter cold, record cold temperatures. Record snowfall the night before the game. 20 inches. I want gridlock. Let’s see how quickly fans will be willing to shell out $4,000 per ticket on the secondary market to go sit in single digit temperatures.

I have attended the Super Bowl. There is a lot more than just the game. The week prior to the game itself is filled with massive events. The weather could effect all sorts of things during the week.

It is bitter cold in the northeast currently. I’m hoping for the same next year. Never repeat this experiment again.




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