By Eric Schmidt

The Chicago Bears released speedy wide receiver Johnny Knox on Tuesday after he was unable to return to the field in 2012. Knox suffered a horrific back injury in December 2011 while playing against the Seattle Seahawks. One day after his release, Knox told reporters that he has given up any plans of returning to the NFL and is retiring from the game.


Anyone that saw the hit on Knox would realize it’s a miracle that he is even able to walk. His body was contorted in such a way, it’s remarkable that he wasn’t paralyzed. He realizes that and has decided to move on. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the 26-year old receiver still walks with a limp. The paper states that he struggles to stand or sit comfortably.

Knox underwent spinal fusion surgery the day after receiving the hit. He looked as if he was on the verge of becoming a top receiver in the NFL and reached the Pro Bowl in his rookie season as a kick returner, showcasing his speed.

He told the Sun-Times that he has no regrets how his career ended and is thankful he wasn’t paralyzed but realizes that it’s simply time to move on with his life while realizing that he can no longer perform at the level he was accustomed to.




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