By Eric Schmidt

Fresh off a Super Bowl victory and capturing the game’s MVP trophy while playing in the last year of his rookie contract, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco‘s agent believes that his client should be the highest paid quarterback in the league. Joe Linta, Flacco’s agent told CNBC that he believes his client’s body of work has spoken for itself and now it’s time for the Ravens to pay him accordingly.

Of course it’s an agent’s job to try to secure the most money possible for his client, but Linta makes some solid arguments for Flacco to be rewarded handsomely in his next deal.

“When you do a contract of this magnitude, you look at what the player’s body of work presently. And what are the expectations going forward over the next four, five, six years. Joe wins on both accounts,” Linta told CNBC.

Flacco now has as many career playoff wins as Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. He has as many Super Bowl titles as both Manning and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees. Only Joe Montana is the only other quarterback to record 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the playoffs during a single season.

Some will argue that Flacco struggled during the regular season and he didn’t throw for as many yards as either Manning or Brees. However, Flacco was hamstrung under former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Once Jim Caldwell assumed the role of offensive coordinator, Flacco’s effectiveness increased.

Flacco also plays in an offensive system that doesn’t really require him to put the ball up as many times as Manning or Brees. Flacco attempted 531 passes this year while Manning attempted 583 and Brees dropped back 670 times.

The other issue to take into account here is age. Flacco just turned 28. Brees recently turned 34 while Manning will turn 37 in March.

There will likely be Flacco doubters for as far as the eye can see. He’s the only quarterback in the NFL to take his team to the playoffs in each of his first five seasons and couldn’t have done anything more than was asked of this year in his team’s Super Bowl run.

The Ravens told a gamble this year by not extending Flacco’s contract at the start of the season. They lost that gamble and now it’s time for the team to pay the man, whether they like it or not. There are a handful of teams around the league that would love to pay him, if they had the chance.




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  1. avatar joe

    joe linta time to check into rehab you are clearly on something affecting your senses

    • avatar Rob

      The only reason Flacco made it to the Superbowl was because of one very lucky hail mary pass against the Denver Broncos who had completely dominated him 4 weeks earlier. The ravens won the SuperBowl this year but can anyone really say the 10-6 ravens were the best team in football this year, absolutly not. Flacco is in the 12 to 15 range at best.

      • avatar red

        A lot of Quarterbacks had lucky catches so take that out of it,I don’t think Falco is a high rated Quarteback they make too much money as is.

      • avatar stang

        The 14-6 Ravens were the best team in football this year.

    • avatar Paul

      If you were Joe Linta you would be doing the same thing. You talk about senses you need rehab not Joe or any other agent he is doing his job

    • avatar LucysGma

      Excellent points in this article. I am so sick of all the Flacco haters.

  2. avatar chet waskiewicz

    when he’s won a lot games and titles to show he belongs with the best . sorry , not yet ..

    • avatar mike

      Are you nuts?

      1) He has won more playoff games in his first five years than any other QB in NFL history.

      2) More road playoff wins than any other QB in NFL history regardless of how long they played.

      3) The first NFL QB to lead his team to the playoffs the first five years of his carreer.

      4) During the last five years, under Joe Flacco, the Ravens have more wins than any other NFL team.

      5) Was the Superbowl MVP in his 5th year. Something Peyton Manning and Brees didn’t do.

      Add to that the fact that he is only 28 and has played injury free. Flacco is currently 2nd behind Eli in consecutive games played.

      The records are falling around this guy and I still don’t understand why there are those that want to diminish his accomplishments.

      • avatar Patty

        Thank you Mike! Well said! GO RAVENS!

      • avatar magician1979

        Flacco was the starting QB of a Ravens defense that carried him thru the first 3 years of their playoff runs with him at QB. Flacco was average at best during those runs. I agree that he definitely carried his weight this year but prior to this year, his playoff performances were not very good at all which is why I dont consider him elite yet. Stats like “most playoff wins by a QB in their first 5 years” is arbitrary. Might as well say, “most playoff wins by a right tackle in their first 5 years”. Should we make him highest paid right tackle in league?

      • avatar will

        Put Flacco on the Miami Dolphins…..If he wins the Superbowl THEN he can be the highest paid quaterback….until then he is a better than average QB on a team with a great defense……think Trent Dilfer.

        • avatar Joe

          Thank you Will I am a Steeler fan so I pay a lot of attentin to the AFC north Joe “Average” Flacco is not never has and never weill be an Elite QB. some of the comments here are about playoff wins yes he has had some playoff wins but mostly been carried by an ELITE DEFENSE I am not saying he can not play QB but give me a break put him on a team with no OLINE he will be on IR in no time plus if anyone deserves MVP of this superbowl it was Aquan Boldin he made Flacco look good there were at least three passes I saw that Flacco just heaved up for grabs and Boldin went and took them. that makes Boldin MVP in my book Flacco just got Lucky.

    • avatar stang

      He’s won more games in the last five years than any other quarterback in the same last five years; has won more road playoff games than any quarterback ever; Most wins by a quarterback in first 80 consecutive starts: 54; Most combined regular and postseason wins in first three years as a quarterback: 36 (tied with Dan Marino; Only quarterback to start and win a playoff game in each of his first five seasons (2010 hush drops a ball on the numbers that extends drive—2011 Evans drops a possible game winner in the hands and Cundiff shanks a game-tying chip shot); Most touchdowns in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana and Kurt Warner); Most touchdowns without an interception in a postseason: 11 (tied with Joe Montana. Last (full seasons) five years:
      Brady—65-15 reg/5-5 playoff; 5 div champs, 2 conf, 0 sb.
      P. Manning—62-18/2-5; 4 div champs, 1 conf, 0 sb.
      Brees—52-28/4-2; 2 div champs, 1 conf champ, 1 sb.
      Roethlisberger—48-23/5-2; 2 div champs, 2 conf, 1 sb.
      Rodgers—52-26/5-3; 2 div champs, 1 conf, 1 sb.
      E. Manning—48-32/4-1; 2 div champs, 1 conf, 1 sb.
      Flacco—54-26/9-4; 2 div champs, 1 conf, 1 sb.
      He’s only been in the league five years, and the wins and titles are comparable—-I’d say he deserves to get paid.

  3. avatar Jon H

    Flacco deserves to be well paid, but he doesn’t have the resume of Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Ben Rothlisburger, or Peyton Manning. Let alone Eli Manning or Tom Brady. Another couple years at this level And performing in the regular season and we’ll talk.

    • avatar CHAZZ

      I agree Joe Flacco shouldn’t be the higest paid. But, what has Aaron Rodgers,Drew Brees,& Peyton Manning done that Joe Flacco Has not done? Nothing! They all have one Superbowl win. Stats are nice but in the end the only thing that matters is SUPERBOWL wins!!!!!!

      • avatar BTLProd

        What have they done that he hasn’t? They are consistent. Joe Flacco has a tough time stringing together 3 consecutive good performances.

        • avatar Renee

          Well said…add Brady to that mix – ONLY 4 elite QB’s are Brees, P. Manning, Rodgers and Brady. Flacco and friends peaked at right time – u put Flacco at #5 or #6

          • avatar Luminator

            Fifth or sixth from the bottom of 32 teams, right? Flacco consistently ends up in the middle of the pack in passing every year. If Flacco played in Cleveland, Oakland, Kansas City, or Dallas, he would be on the IR list every season. Please come into the light, you are in the dark.

          • avatar BTLProd

            I put Flacco somewhere between 10 and 15, at best. I rather have Luck or Kapernick myself.

      • avatar Crewtawn

        By that rationalization every player on the team should be the highest paid in the NFL at their position. Brad Johnson also won a Superbowl for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Just saying…

        • avatar Luminator

          Trent Dilfer won with Raven’s too. Perhaps Trent is elite and HOF material for winning in one Superbowl. Please! Wake up Joe, you are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

  4. avatar deadman

    But he’s not and he’s not going to be

    • avatar JOEME

      One lucky year won’t even qualify for HOF

      • avatar BTLProd

        Did for Broadway Joe. (I still don’t understand that one.)

      • avatar Nomoe

        do you think playing a football like gamble? and 5 years go to playoff and finally won the superbowl are lucky????
        wake up bro….

        • avatar BTLProd

          Considering that he struggles to put together three games in a row where he performs well? Yes, even getting to the playoffs was lucky.

          • avatar Patty

            And……who won the Superbowl?

  5. avatar Msoralla

    He deserves a raise no doubt – should be among the top 5 …but his agent is getting too greedy…

    Give him a couple of more plays –

    • avatar CC Rider

      Baltimore will make him among the 5 highest paid QBs or, like the article said, one of several other eager teams will.

  6. avatar SportPage

    I’ll have to bookmark this page and return when I want a good laugh.

    • avatar JOEME

      Best Answer

  7. avatar greg

    he deserves a very good contract but not the highest paid… c’mon man….

  8. avatar Pat

    Are you kidding me? He deserves a good contract, but certainly not one that says that he is the BEST QUARTERBACK, because he is not. He isn’t one of the top 5 (Rodgers, Brady, Bree, PManning, and EManning.)He finally won the big one, but he had a lot of misses–top 10 yes.

  9. avatar Shane

    proofread! Horribly written article.

  10. avatar Dan

    Manning and Brady are in a league of their own. They have been playing since before Flacco was in college to get to the level of pay they are getting. Flacco deserves a good contract, but in no way shape or form should be be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. I think it is about time to put a cap on what these fools can make anyway. I about had a stroke when I bought tickets this past season just to go to one game. No one man deserves the amount of money they are making, it is getting to be obscene.

  11. avatar Sam

    If it is only about a few extra million, who is going to block, run or who will be open? Cool Joe will need to step up leadership and help ensure he keeps talent around him. You don’t go to Canton with the biggest paycheck.

  12. avatar CB


    • avatar Luminator

      Getting paid as the top QB in NFL sounds retarded regardless of the cold shoulder he gives New Jersey.

    • avatar evilempire

      He didn’t bring it up because he figured he would blow it like other years. Lucky Pittsburgh had all the injuries or Raven might not made playoffs. Take a seat in the middle of the bus and wait your turn Flacco

  13. avatar davesmall

    Flacco is good but not great. He’s not in the same elite category with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rogers.

    He belongs in a second tier grouping with other good but not great quarterbacks like Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Ryan.

    • avatar JIm

      Flacco is good not great…He has a great Defense to help him win…If he had to put up 35 points each week like Brees and the like…He needs to give Boldin some dollars..he also make great catches and makes Joe look good..

    • avatar Luminator

      Keep going lower, you are getting hot. Joe belongs at the bottom tier.

  14. avatar Phil

    Joe Flacco is not worth $20 million per year. No way,no how. He is NOT an elite QB. He has the benefit of playing on a team with a stellar shut down defense that gets turnovers and can win games with their defense. The Saints (Brees), the Broncos (Manning) and the Cheatriots (Brady)are ALL completely different teams who RELY on their QB’s to WIN games for them. And they all do.
    If the Ravens defense was similar to Saints or Cheatriots they would be lucky to win 5 games with Flacoo leading the way. He also plays behind a steallr line and has a top 3 RB in Ray Rice. Also think of Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. This guy gets pounded and assaulted almost every game like a two bit pro wrestling match because his O -line couldn’t block a cold and yet he STILL wins games for the Steelers because he is the toughest QB in NFL and can make any throw just like Manning or Brady. Yes Steelers defense is good but NOT as good as Ravens. Steelers struggle to get turnovers and their DB’s can’t catch so they rarely get interceptions. But NO WAY would I consider Flacco a better QB than Roethlisberger. If Ben played behind the O-line that Flacco has he would throw for over 5,000 yards every season. Flacco is a solid franchise QB but not elite and NOT great. Remember, the Ravens won a SB with Trent Dilfer as a QB and does anybody think the Ravens defense in 2012 is that much worse than the 2000 Ravens defense? Yes statistically they are but statistics don’t WIN Super Bowls. The Ravens defense was stellar in the postseason and THIS is the reason WHY they won SB NOT because of Joe Flacco.

    • avatar Tim

      I think you may need to do some more digging before making comments. First, the Ravens defense was not stellar this year. They were a middle of the pack defense that stepped it up in the playoffs. Secondly the offensive line was not stellar this year either. They were constantly rotating the line to try to plug the holes. Mckinnie was over weight, Oher is average at best. Also Flacco won the Super Bowl this year, not the defense. He threw 11 touchdowns in 4 games! The defense didn’t help in Denver. They didn’t help in New England. Joe is not an elite quarterback. I would agree there but he is top 6 in my opinion. Do I think Roethlisberger is better? I think he used to be but I think he’s falling apart. Too many years of abuse are going to break him soon enough.

  15. avatar Free Dubay

    get what you can when you can get it. You think the owners aren’t making any money? Think again. Whatever the market will bare. God bless the USA

    • avatar Luminator

      It sounds like someone has been inhaling or smoking Obamacare fumes.

      • avatar Dr. T

        Stupid metaphor and political nonsense! The discussion is about football.

        • avatar will

          You mean stupid Obamacare dont you? Fat Cat pols exempt themselves from this disaster…..hypocrites. You are now their willing slave. They control your health they control YOU!

  16. avatar BTLProd

    I don’t know anyone, except his agent, and possibly Joe himself, that thinks he is even a top 5 quarterback, if someone was making a list without reading this article, I doubt he would even be top ten. The top quarterback? It is time for some substance abuse tests.

  17. avatar Tommy castillo

    flaggo still sucks he wins a SB and they think he’s Gods gift to football please get real somebodys trying to make money!!

  18. avatar Renee

    32 Pro Teams – all starting QB’s are good, few are ELITE. Over the last 5-6 years, 4 are ELITE – Brady, Brees, Peyton Manning and Rodgers (in alphabetical order) These are the only ELITE QB’s – period end of discussion! Flacco, Eli Manning, Rothlesberger and 3/4 others make up next grouping of EXCELLENT QB’s but NOT ELITE!!!!

    • avatar Frank

      Brees ( I am a life time Saints fan) and Rodgers are not equal to Brady and Payton. I would put flaco under Eli and Big Ben, they both won two super bowls and Eli was MVP in both of his wins

  19. avatar Mike

    Tell both Flacco and his agent they are flying to high and the thin air up there has seriously affected their thinking. Yea, he won this years Superbowl, what about the past 4 years they never made it to the Superbowl? Sure, he can throw the longball but he has a ways to go before he can even carry Peyton Manning’s, Drew Briese’s or Tom Brady’s jock. I know Flacco now thinks he is an “elite” quarterback, but he will probably wake up in time for next year to realize he isn’t all he thinks he is.

  20. avatar Ernie

    Y’all keep mentioning Brady and Manning, but they are on the downside of their careers. Joe did what it took to get his team to the Superbowl the last 2 years. It wasn’t his fault the receiver dropped the winning touchdown pass and the kicker choked last year. PAY DA MAN!!!

    • avatar Luminator

      Excuses, excuses, excuses. If Flacco could not win in the past 5 years with all the help he has had on defense, he deserves nothing more than an average salary.

      • avatar Patty

        He did it this year!

    • avatar BTLProd

      Manning just turned in one of the best performances of his career. If that is the downside, where is Flacco’s peak?

  21. avatar kaajonman

    When teams look at their schedule and think “man we have to be ready for Joe Flacco.” like they do for Brees,Brady and Manning then he may can be considered elite. But not now.

  22. avatar Luminator

    The only thing elite about Flacco is his enormous ego and epidemic envy. After 93 games, he is still average and will always be average despite recent MVP award. If he can play at the same level during the regular season and playoffs, I might consider him above average.Let’s see what happens in the future without Lewis and Reed anchoring the defense. Joe should be in the Oneders Club for being a one hit wonder. One and done!

    • avatar Patty

      Enormous ego….are you kidding me? What rock have you been under?

  23. avatar tommcnutt

    flacco needa to wake up and realize he is not even in the top 10. he did not win the superbowl san francisco lost it. colin would have been mvp if 49’s had won. flaco is not in the same class as brady

    • avatar Harvey

      u all make me sick sf .pat denver should have won the didnt dummies should coulda wouda

  24. avatar fruition clothing

    Flacco performs well during a contract season. what else is new? a NFL player wanting to get paid so they perform well at the end of their contract. Almost the same team as last year!

  25. avatar oldschoolfootballfan

    joe needs to be the highest paid qb.
    just one more CHICKEN DANCE!!!
    and what is goodell’s cut?

    • avatar Luminator

      Anyone ever wondered why they invented luck? Flacco just proved how lucky the world is for someone like him. Instead of going to Disney World, Joe should go to Vega$. That’s were all the money is anyway.

  26. avatar wallace

    What is all this noise as to how great Flacco is? Had it not been for his outstanding receiver corp, he would be just another losing SB loser. A QB is only as good as those to whom he throws to. San Fran’s QB out played Flacco; he just didn’t have a supporting defensive cast.

  27. avatar cheche

    no he shouldn’t

  28. avatar Bob Tingle

    Flacco is one of the 10 best Quarterbacks. He should be paid accordingly.

    • avatar will

      You mean stupid Obamacare dont you? Fat Cat pols exempt themselves from this disaster…..hypocrites. You are now their willing slave. They control your health they control YOU!

  29. avatar david

    he deserves a good pay, look at those rookies now adays, theyre making crazy money without even throwin a football

  30. avatar Chris

    The Ravens told a gamble this year by not extending Flacco’s

    who checks your writing?

  31. avatar Paul

    Here we go all of the RAVEN haters. We are here to stay so deal with it

  32. avatar keith

    God i hope the Ravens waste there money on him.Cause there is know way he is worth the most money for quarterbacks in the nfl
    If it wasn’t for his receivers and a lot of luck he would have been on vacation 2 months ago.

  33. avatar kurt

    “He’s the only quarterback in the NFL to take his team to the playoffs in each of his first five seasons…”. If he is such a great QB, what happened those other 4 years?

  34. avatar Rick

    In my view, Flacco and the Ravens were “given” the game by a “stiff” SF team and a QB in his 10th start. Tentative play early on by SF( time mngt, large # of unfinished tackles, poorly disguised read option). Flacco lofted passes into the vicinity of his superb receivers who literally snatched them from the air. Despite these factors and the clutch and grab of the Raven offense, Baltimore barely won. Flacco elite? I think not.

  35. avatar mike

    I guess all the Baltimorons now think Flacco is the second coming of Jesus Christ or is that Ray Lewis. Flacco is worth about 12 mil a year, no more. It will be another 15 years before they win a Superbowl again, they are not the football powerhouse dynasty that everyone thinks they now are.

    • avatar Patty

      See you next year! GO RAVENS!

  36. avatar Steve

    Says who??? Some little snively worm who is only interested in a big pay day? You’re not a football expert. You’re a lawyer. STFU!!!!

  37. avatar map

    If anyone should get flacco’s money it should be the refs…they help them out at home all the time with there bull crap flags on other teams and this year in the superbowl(all because of ray lewis as soon as ray said he was going to retire the superbowl was won 100%) flacco is no way a top 10 qb (all ravens D “other then this year” ray rice on check down and if not for boldin he would be lost) man, I hope they pay him alot of money and hurt the team….I see a big what did we do coming for the ravens!!! oh and all them qb’s they keep talking about had to do it with sorry D so give it up flacco your not foolin any one…


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