By Eric Schmidt

The Arizona Cardinals, seeking a replacement at quarterback after the retirement of Kurt Warner, aggressively pursued Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb prior to the start of the 2011 season. Kolb’s arrival in Arizona along with his huge contract, have not lived up to expectations. He has struggled to stay on the field, only appearing in 15 games in two seasons. He has struggled with the Cardinals offense, and now it appears if he wants to remain with the Cardinals, a pay cut is going to be in order prior to next season.

Kolb is due a $ million dollar roster bonus on March 15. The free agency period opens on March 12, so he could be traded prior to receiving a roster bonus. If he remains with the Cardinals, the team will pay him $9 million under his current contract. That is simply not acceptable.

Speaking to KTAR-AM in Arizona, Cardinals president Michael Bidwell suggested that something must be done with his current contract moving forward. “Kevin’s contract is probably something we’re going to need to address. It’s a big number and given the productivity and the questions about durability and everything, that’s something that I think the reality is we need to sit down and discuss.”

Kolb’s former teammate in Philadelphia, Michael Vick just took a massive pay cut in order to remain with his team. It’s realistic to expect something along those lines are going to need to be done for Kolb to remain with the Cardinals. If he objects to a pay cut, expect the Cardinals to cut their losses and release Kolb.




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