By Eric Schmidt

For all the good aspects of social media provides on a daily basis, there is a dirty, grimy, underbelly of people with simply too much time on their hands. From time to time, there are rumors which spread like wildfire on Twitter and Facebook along with other platforms regarding injury or even death to popular celebrities. One such rumor surfaced late last night with some sick individual starting a rumor that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had suffered two broken legs after an automobile accident in Texas.

The rumor originated on a website which identifies itself as the Global Associated News but the URL domain is from a site named mediafetcher. This is a site which allows users to create fake news stories while making “stories” appear to be real.

From the site-

A spokesperson for the Dallas highway safety authority (HSA) has confirmed that Tony Romo has broken both of his legs in a traffic altercation. He has been transported via ambulance to a local Dallas hospital for treatment, and the full extent of his injuries are not known at this time, however, both of his legs were visibly broken and not life threatening according to sources.

The accident involved a 2012 BMW driven by Tony Romo and a 76 year old female driver in a 2010 Audi. The driver of the Audi was issued a citation for failing to stop at a red light before striking the vehicle driven by Tony Romo at a high rate of speed.

Team spokespersons could not be reached for comment at this time.

Additional details and information will be updated as it becomes available. This story is still developing

Last night, the original rumor used the terminology, Houston highway safety authority. Either way there is not a highway safety authority in either Houston or Dallas.

At the bottom of the site, it small lettering are the words, FAKE,,,THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE!

What boggles my mind though is why do people feel the need to start this crap? Is their life so miserable that they feel the need to create false rumors about injuries and sometimes death of celebrities? Get off the internet, go back to your X-Box and reality television shows. Losers.




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  1. avatar mtcowboyfan

    So msnbc has been at it again. Whenever they run out of things to blame on George Bush they comeup with this kind of stupidity.


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