By Eric Schmidt

The purge of players from the New York Jets roster started this week and with the opening of the NFL Combine this week in Indianapolis, the Jets are trying to move a familiar name, quarterback Tim Tebow. The story of Tebow and his season with the Jets in 2012 have been well documented and the team is trying to move on from the failed experiment while they are heading into the offseason.

New York cannot actually execute any trades until the start of the 2013 calendar year, which is the start of free agency on March 12.

It is unlikely that the Jets will generate much interest for the southpaw signal caller. It’s widely believed if the team cannot trade him, he will be released shortly after the start of the new year. Why would any team surrender a draft pick for a player that will be released outright?

In addition, NFL teams might be interested in speaking with Tebow to see if he’d be interested in a position change in order to play next year.

New York, a team saddled with a large salary cap deficit this offseason, dropped over $30 million from their roster earlier this week and Tebow is scheduled to earn $2.5 million next season if he were to remain on the team’s roster.




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Readers Comments (3)

  1. avatar Jon

    The experiment didn’t fail in my opinion w/ Tim because the experiment wasn’t used. Maybe sparingly, because he was 6-8 passing. It also wasn’t a failing because he put fans in the seats

  2. avatar NYBEAUTY

    I for one feel robbed. I can not believe I sat through all of those horrible Jets games waiting to see TT play.

    What a monumental waste of time. I wanted to get great seats and go with my friends to lots of games!

    I am NOT a Jets fan. I am Dallas fan ( not a Romo fan…never was..he does not have what it takes…but a life long dallas fan).

    Let us not forget along with the jersey sales and seats he filled the countless
    fans who watched every week….


  3. avatar NYBEAUTY

    SOOOO BOGUS! I hope he is a head QB somewhere next season!!


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