By Eric Schmidt

The New York Jets started the expected purging of their roster this afternoon, cutting four veterans and waiving another player. The moves made this afternoon now save the Jets a reported $32 million against the salary cap in 2013. The next question for the cash-strapped Jets is, when do they cut quarterback Tim Tebow? Tebow is currently under contract for the 2013 season for $2.5 million, but his days in New York are over. As if they ever began.

I realize that someone in the Jets front office might think that Tebow has trade value, but every football fan around the world, not to mention every front office of the remaining 31 other NFL teams all realize that he will be cut. Just go ahead and make the move.

Love him or hate him, Tebow was served up a raw deal by the Jets this season and the least the team could do is simply terminate his contract and waive him allowing him to move on with his life. The addition of Tebow to the Jets this year was perhaps one of the most perplexing events that happened in the NFL world during the 2012 season.

It’s quite possible that his NFL career is over unless he agrees to a position change. Teams in serious need of a quarterback have shown little interest in the southpaw. His hometown city of Jacksonville has publicly stated that they have no interest. Kansas City under Andy Reid and Arizona under Bruce Arians are not likely not interested in the experiment and the distraction. Maybe, just maybe, the Buffalo Bills would be interested.




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  1. avatar Jameson Furst

    If The Jets had any balls and/or creativity, or if they would prove they are actually capable of thinking outside of the conventional-thinking box long enough to actually see what’s sitting on a bench right in front of them, they would NOT cut Tim Tebow and figure out that “Tebow Time” has always reaped great rewards for every single team that has ever turned to it. Why The Jets can’t see this, and at least give it the good old solid college try, is something that I will never understand. Put Tebow in the game, your prayers will get answered, your team will start WINNING. Unless someone out there can name a single team Tim Tebow has EVER started for in which they had a LOSING season, then please STFU.

    • avatar Markus

      Jameson — SPOT ON, man! For the life of me, I have not been able to wrap my head around why in the name of God Rex Ryan did not at least put Tim Tebow in a game, keep him there, and just see what happens? WTF?!?!?! Even when the playoffs were out of reach, Rex refused to see what he had with Tim. I don;t give a rat’s ass how Tim Tebow performs in practice, I’ve seem for myself how he performs in actual game…even playoff games…abnd, sorry, but it was mind-boggling and electrifying all at the same time. Rex, you utter moron of a coach, put Tim Tebow in the game, keep him in there, and watch what happens. You might just find you had what you so dearly have needed to get to the playoffs all along, but too stubborn or blind to see it. Please, don’t lose the opportunity you have with Tim Tebow, because you will live to reget it one day when Tim Tebow leads another team to great heights. This is what Tim Tebow does…it’s what he always has done…Yes, it’s not always pretty…but it’s never dull. Let’s not forget that a major ingredient of football is the entertainment factor. Football was a whole lot less entertaining in 2012 with Tim Tebow warming the bench. Pull your head out of your ass and get with the program.

  2. avatar HansOFJerseyShore

    Tim Tebow’s career over? HA! I think not. It’s not Tim Tebow’s fault that he was traded to a team that was a cesspool of incompetent coaching that ultimately has made them a laughing stock chaotic mess in the NFL. Let me get this straight — Tim Tebow helped lead The Broncos out of the 1-4 abyss he inherited, led them to the playoffs (back door or not) in I don’t know how many years, stopped The Steelers in their tracks with an electrifying win in those same playoffs, and yet Rex Ryan and Company couldn’t figure out that maybe giving “Tebow Time” a try while the playoffs were still a possibility might at least have some merit? Even after the infamous BUTT FUMBLE “Mark Sanchez gives us the best chance to win? Really, Rex??? Are you freaking kidding me????? Personally, I hope Tim Tebow is traded somewhere, anywhere, and fast, because the sooner that happens the sooner he can lead a team against The Jets and KICK THEIR SORRYT ASSES!!!! The Jets don’t deserve Tim Tebow.

  3. avatar Litmus Test

    I agree whole-heartedly that football was not nearly as exciting to watch in 2012 with Tebow on the bench as it was in 2011 with Tebow on the field. His wins in 2011 captivated the whole nation. I am a Jets fan, so my heart wishes Rex Ryan would just pull his head out of his arss, make Tim Tebow the starter, and start winning games. But I don’t see this happening, so as a Tebow fan I hope he is traded to another team who will appreciate the unique talent, and spirit, he brings to the game. I miss watching Tebow football. Is that so bad?


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