By Eric Schmidt

I realize that this is a football based site and over the years few sports stories shock me, but I have to comment on this one. Olympian Oscar Pistorius has been arrested by South African officials after allegedly shooting his girlfriend. For those of you who might not immediately recognize the name, he is the first ever double amputee to run in the Olympic games and was nicknamed The Blade Runner. Pistorius had a lengthy battle with Olympic officials in order to compete in the last summer games as several track runners claimed that his blades game him an unfair advantage.

Pistorius, 26, was born without fibulas in both legs and competed in track events wearing carbon fiber prosthetic blades.

He allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkemp, 30, a model and law school student.

The South African news service, News24 is reporting that Pistorius might have mistakenly shot his girlfriend thinking that she was an intruder. However, the news channel is also reporting that there had been a history of domestic violence and that police officials will oppose bail for the Olympian later today.

Reaching the Olympics was a major event for Pistorius as I, along with millions of others, were cheering for him during the games. This is just another example of why I tend to become so cynical when it comes to athletes any more.  It’s becoming increasingly more and more difficult to root for people only to be disappointed. Shootings, drug charges, doping allegations, fake relationships, athletes that lie straight to the camera over and over, you name it. It’s beginning to appear that only only true and genuine feel good stories are the ones that go untold.





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