By Eric Schmidt

In just another reason why I believe that playing a Super Bowl in an open air stadium in cold climates during February is a terrible idea, comes one of the contingency plans the NFL has adopted in order to deal with inclement weather next year. Simply move the Super Bowl to another day. Yeah, Wednesday sounds good.

It was an absolute lame brain idea to play the biggest game of the year in the Meadowlands anyway, but hey- we have to reward owners for building the latest and greatest shrines to the game.

In light of the recent blizzard which just blanketed the region, the NFL is discussing how they might adapt Super Bowl XLVIII next season if a similar scenario unfolded. The Daily News is reporting that a TV industry source told the paper that the league is discussing the possibility of moving the game to another day. Oh, that won’t cause any problems at all. Nope. None.

The league admitted that it might consider moving the game up to Saturday instead, but the Daily News reports that Saturday’s are bad days to television ratings and Fox, the host of next year’s Super Bowl, would prefer it be on a Tuesday.

Exactly how in the hell do you have a Super Bowl on a Tuesday? Sorry Fox, if the Super Bowl were on Saturday (which I believe it should be on anyway) people will still watch. So what happens to the fans that traveled to see the game? Now they will be forced to stay a few more days and pay a few thousand more for a hotel room, if they are available. What if they can’t stay? It’s probably too bad for them, because if weather forces a cancellation of the Super Bowl, travel into and out of the New York/New Jersey region will likely be shut down.

What about the thousands of sports bars and watering holes around the country that are planning annual Super Bowl parties? Now, if the game is moved to Tuesday, kickoff isn’t going to be at 6:30, it will most likely be around 8 p.m. with the event getting over long after midnight. Ridiculous. What about school children who want to watch the game but have to go to school the next day? That’s right, we’re supposed to be trying to dissuade kids from wanting to play football. What about adults that have to go to work the next day?

Last week, there were discussion over whether or not there would be a halftime show in the stadium in the event of really cold weather. I think that should be the least of the league’s concerns. I give a rip about the halftime anyway.

One of my questions would be, when would the call be made? The day before? 12 hours before kickoff? If the game were to be moved up to Saturday night, obviously advance notice would have to be given to thousands of people from vendors to television broadcasters, so I would imagine that call could be made no later than Thursday evening.

Since this venue was announced, I thought this was a horrible idea. I still believe that and I hope this experiment is never repeated again. It’s ridiculous to even have to be discussing these sorts of contingency plans for the Super Bowl. And I thought Super Tuesday was only something that came around during the Presidential primary process. Come on blizzard.




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