By Eric Schmidt

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young thinks he deserves another shot at becoming a NFL quarterback. Many teams likely think otherwise. He failed to land with the Buffalo Bills last season as his then-head coach Chan Gailey told the media he was struggling with the playbook. He burned his bridges in Philadelphia after joining the team and proclaiming the Eagles as the “Dream Team” for the NFL world the year previous.

Young has always had issues surrounding him since joining the NFL ranks and perhaps teams have simply decided to move on from him and the drama he seems to surround himself with. In his attempt to rejoin the ranks of the NFL, Young will hold a workout for NFL teams during the University of Texas upcoming Pro Day. He did himself no favors this morning by claiming himself to be a victim while appearing on the NFL Network’s NFL AM.

Young acknowledged some mistakes in his career and stated that he sent a letter of apology to his former head coach, Jeff Fisher. However, Young went on to state that a lot of the issues surrounding his troubled career are not his fault.

“I really want teams and organizations to know that I was young at a time and I put my trust in a lot of people, and I was getting taken advantage of. Basically, I’m the victim of the situation. So I’ve just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know I’m a little bit more mature than I used to be, I’ve grown a whole lot, and I just want teams to understand that you’re getting a little bit more mature quarterback that understands the professionalism of the game.” Young told the show this morning.

Second chance, third chance, now he wants a fourth chance. Yes, he likely was taken advantage of on the field when he entered the league and invested his money foolishly. That does not overcome the turnover issues he had while playing under center for the Philadelphia Eagles in Michael Vick’s absence. Those excuses don’t overcome the fact that he couldn’t beat out Tyler Thigpen on the Buffalo Bills roster last year. Those are cold, hard football facts which are not related to any off-field issues.

I really see no fit for Young in the NFL at this time. He is going to have to come to grips that he has most likely squandered away his professional career. Perhaps, and I mean this as a reach of speculation only, the San Francisco 49ers might ink him to a league minimum deal to bring him in as a backup for Colin Kaepernick. Wild speculation perhaps based solely on his running ability as a quarterback.

Vince Young has run out of options, run out of money and has reached a point in his career to realize that all the hype about him never translated to his success on the field. He has come to the end of the ride in his football playing days most likely.





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  1. avatar Mike

    I think 49ers, Panthers and Seahawks should go after him. He will be a very cheap backup more than capable to run a basic version of the read-option. Considering that he hopefully doesn’t play but if he does he will not be a huge liability then it is a great deal. You can then also draft a qb project and give him plenty of time to develop

    • avatar Robert Green


  2. avatar Robert Green

    Will some other NFL team fail the Wonderlic test and take on the burden of Vince Young?


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