By Eric Schmidt

Former Offensive Rookie of the Year QB Vince Young is trying another attempt to break back into the NFL. The former Tennessee Titans showed potential while with the Titans but has seen his career take a free fall in recent years with failed stints with the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills. Young did not play in the NFL last season.

Young has trying to get back to the NFL and worked out for scouts at the University of Texas Pro Day on Tuesday. He is currently enrolled at Texas, working on finishing his degree, perhaps a sign of maturity by the quarterback that has made some strange decisions during his career.

His physical tools have never really been questioned, and scouts agreed that he did throw well during his 30-minute workout. It’s been his quirky behavior and inability to grasp the playbook that has plagued him throughout his career. He made news after joining the Philadelphia Eagles and immediately naming the 2011 Eagles as the Dream Team, a moniker that would haunt Philadelphia the entire season.

Given his mobility coupled with the expanded use of the read-option across the league, it’s possible that a team in need of a backup with starting experience might take another chance on Young. Perhaps the San Francisco 49ers with Young being behind Colin Kaepernick. Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars could bring him in for a look, after all, if he can’t beat out Blaine Gabbert, it’s time for him to end his comeback hopes.

Then again, it’s possible that Young’s career will go down as another player that possessed immense talent but wasn’t able to connect all the other dots in order to create a successful NFL career.





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  1. avatar xane

    Young was never wanted by jeff fisher at tennessee- and was odd man out in hilly – buffalo obviously kept the wrong QB !

    plenty of tema could use VY’s talent: OAK, AZ, Dallas, Jacksonville, Houston Buffalo and the Jets to name a few.

    he needs another shot. if he fails then he is done but I have seen the guy play- he is a big game player. none better.

  2. avatar evansvc

    Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a quarterback. … He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the SuperBowl… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… He’s a wise choice for the smart Team Owner/GM….

  3. avatar Chuck

    The Dallas Cowboys would be a great fit for Vince Young, he has all of the talent, no question. Jerry should think long and hard about bringing this man on board before he land somewhere else. He would provide Tony with more than a capeable back up, along with additional options for the running game.And for a price that Jerry could afford.


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