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As we continue the Team Needs series for the 2013 NFL Draft, we proceed to the team with the twenty-fifth overall pick; the Seattle Seahawks. After a remarkable season that saw Seattle become the darlings of the NFL, Seattle has to be considered an NFC favorite headed into 2013.


The play of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson was a big part of both of the above reasons as he was arguably the best of the rookie batch last season. Here is some of the things I think Pete Carroll will look for in the draft to help him avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

Defensive Tackle

It seems odd that a team that finished with the fourth best overall defense in the league last year would look to address a defensive need early in the first round. But I think they will go this way because they love to rush the passer and were unable to do so consistently with the interior. With as many times as the team has met with him, I have to believe they will be targeting Datone Jones with their first round selection.

Draft Possibilities: Datone Jones, Kawaan Short

Wide Receiver

The only other position I could see Seattle addressing with the twenty-fifth overall pick is in a new weapon for Russell Wilson in the receiving game if one of the top twenty talent guys fall to them. For as good as he was, none of the receivers on this team could be considered a true number one guy. If Keenen Allen falls to them, things will get really interesting.


Draft Possibilities: Keenan Allen, Justin Hunter

Offensive Line

Another way to help Russell Wilson continue to improve is to keep him from being forced to scramble due to poor pass protection. I realize he’s good at running the ball, but running for his life isn’t an ideal scenario and there are issues at guard and tackle here. Breno Giacomini is pretty bad at hurting his team with penalties. Almost as bad as his pass protection has been. James Carpenter seems to never be healthy and Paul McQuistan is just another guy. A swing guy like Kyle Long in the second could be ideal.

Draft Possibilities: Kyle Long, Dallas Thomas

Defensive End

Again, I believe that Pete Carroll is going to want to build on this defense he has put together. With the uncertainty over the timetable for Chris Clemons ACL recovery, and Bruce Irvin only doing one thing well, the need for another end could be a high priority. Picking up a prospect like Cornelius Washington in the third round could be an ideal stop gap for the early going of 2013.


Draft Possibilities: Cornelius Washington, Sam Montgomery

Tight End

There are probably more pressing needs than this one, especially with how good Zach Miller has been since coming to Seattle. But when he signed there, the team always knew his contract was going to be a problem in a few years. Bringing in his eventual replacement and letting him learn from Miller might not be a bad plan if there is value there in the later rounds. Travis Kelce could be there late due to questions about his character. Carroll loves to take chances on guys like that.

Draft Possibilities: Travis Kelce, Ryan Otten

For the Seahawks, things are definitely going in the right direction. But as I always tell people that flip out over the early success of a running quarterback; let’s see how he does when teams will have a full season worth of tape to reference on him. He’s a bright kid and his future seems very good at this level if the team doesn’t put him in a position to fail. That’s up to Carroll to surround him with the correct pieces.

Cowboys Seahawks Football

It seems that every draft comes and goes and Pete Carroll is given poor marks for some of the draft decisions. But after the past couple of seasons, perhaps folks should start trusting him and his war room a little more. Even if they shock us in the first round like last year, I’ve reached the point of giving his scouting team the benefit of the doubt.




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Readers Comments (3)

  1. avatar Hawk_Eye

    Every year the so called “experts” give the Seahawks draft a D or F grade, but yet all they do is have amazing drafts with NFL starters and pro bowl players.

  2. avatar Seahawksfan99

    Let’s make one thing clear, Cam Newton is a running QB. Teams made him throw from the pocket and tested his accuracy. Russel Wilson is NOT, I repeat NOT a running QB. He is a QB who can run and there is a huge difference between a QB who can run vs a running QB. His senior year he set the all time season passer rating for a QB. His passer rating last season was based on his accuracy and decision making. Unlike RG3 who had playmakers turning 5-yard completions into 50 yard gains, Wilson’s receivers had very little yards after the catch. There will not be a sophomore slump for this kid because he does so many things well.


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