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The closer we got to the draft, the less likely it seemed that Revis Island would be migrating south. But the news broke this morning that Revis had been granted permission to visit the Bucs facility and take a physical; indication that a deal is in place.

Not only does this potential move (and I say potential because it is still all hearsay right now until the teams make an official announcement) change the outlook for this Thursday night’s NFL Draft opening, but it could change the landscape of the NFC South.

While details are still fuzzy and all of the “insiders” are floating what the trade compensation might be, the battle to declare a winner of the trade has already begun. For the Jets, trading arguably the best at his position in the league at only 27 years old is getting a lot of negative feedback ever since it was just a rumor. Whereas Tampa is getting grilled for agreeing to a likely high number of draft picks to get the deal done, which is tough to swallow for a rebuilding team.


Personally, I’m usually a wait and see guy on any trade of this significance. The Jets haven’t exactly been knocking the ball out of the park in their draft picks the past handful of years. So it isn’t like Tampa is giving up surefire hall of famers here. But on the other hand, one cannot blame the Jets for getting a high ransom for a guy when they aren’t even close to contending for anything the next couple of years. Why keep Revis on a rebuilding squad when he’ll be on the wrong side of 30 before they’re likely ready to be anything potentially special?

This does hurt Rex Ryan and his chances of donning the headset for the Jets in 2014. Already on the hot seat, supposedly, trading away his best defensive player is a tough pill to swallow. However, the Jets defense was the only thing that had them even respectable in 2012 and that was all without Revis who was out with an ACL injury the majority of the year.

Speaking of the ACL, therein lies the risk for the Buccaneers in this move. With no real way to declare if he’ll be the same in 2013 as he was before the injury, it’s tough to not only give up the rumored compensation but to attach a large contract extension on top of it. Still, one cannot blame the Bucs for going for it here. If you watched any of their games last season, you know that one of us on staff here at The Pigskin Report might have been able to see time on the field at cornerback. With this one move, plus the addition of Dashon Goldson in free agency, all of a sudden the Bucs have a secondary ready to combat the Saints and Falcons pass attack in the NFC South.


While draft snobs talk about giving up a first and a second, or some combo similar, is too much for one player, if it’s a proven guy that is capable of locking down one side of the field, how is that a bad move? It seems much more logical than taking a risk on a prospect that is going to have to learn the speed of the game first and go through the growing pains of adjusting to the NFL. In short, I love this deal for them.

But it doesn’t end there; as I love the deal for the Jets, too. Sure, their defense is going to suffer from losing a player of Revis’ caliber, but they weren’t contending this year or next anyways. If they get a first and a second this year, they have to hit on those picks of course, but I love it. It’s rare that I like a trade for a superstar player for both sides, and when the final details come out, I may not. But going only by the rumblings right now, I’m a fan of this deal for both franchises. Tampa is one step closer to contending in the NFC South and the Jets have a ton of ammunition for a rebuild. Everybody wins.




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