By Eric Schmidt

The New York Jets waived QB Tim Tebow this morning after drafting Geno Smith at the start of the second-round of the NFL Draft at the end of last week. Tebow’s release comes as no surprise, even with the addition of Smith via the draft. The question now becomes, where will Tebow land and will he find employment? It seems as if he has entered the restaurant business.

According to, the southpaw quarterback from Gainesville has invested into a new restaurant which specializes in chicken dishes. PDQ, a venture which former NFL players such as Derrick Brooks and Vinny Testaverde are already invested in. They have snagged Tebow and there is a planned opening of a location in the Gainesville area, with the potential for Tebow to add additional locations in North Florida and Georgia according to the report.

The PDQ moniker doesn’t stand for what you might think, but rather, People Dedicated to Quality. Online reviews of the establishment are glowing.

According to the paper, Tebow discovered the restaurant while visiting an injured US Marine who had graduated from the Tampa area, Plant High School. Food was delivered, and Tebow enjoyed the food so much, he went back for dinner that evening.

While questions remain about whether he will play in the NFL again, Tebow was able to capitalize on his success with the Denver Broncos in 2011 and secure several high profile endorsement deals.

So, now that Tebow’s NFL career appears in flux, one has to wonder if you can hit up the new PDQ in Gainesville later this summer at 3260 Hodges Ave and see the southpaw tossing up some chicken tenders with fresh-cut fries¬† or a crispy chicken salad. And someone get the word to Tim that there needs to be an upgrade to the servers for the PDQ website.





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