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For those who didn’t read my work last year or the year before, I’ll explain that I do not give out a letter grade a day or two after the NFL Draft ends. I think that’s like grading students before they’ve even took the test. What I do is review if the teams met their draft needs and if not, why.

I’ll be taking a look at every pick for every team, excluding undrafted free agents, over the month of May. Today we take a look at the 2013 draft class of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Round 1 – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

While I felt that the Jags should have went for the best pass rusher available because they were one of the worst in the league at it last year, hard to get upset at them taking my top graded player in the draft. What I do have a problem with is taking him this high to play right tackle when they have a ton of cap space and there are some quality free agents left out there they could have brought in.

Round 2 – Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International

Getting the guy I had graded as the top safety in the draft in the second round is already one of the best value picks through the first 33 selections. He can be the enforcer the team has been lacking on defense as well as being a day one upgrade over either Dwight Lowery or Chris Prosinski.

Round 3 – Dwayne Gratz, CB, Connecticut


Even though Gratz will step in and be an immediate starter for the Jags in 2013, there were clearly better prospects still on the board here. I’m not going to kill them for apparently sticking with their Gabbert/Henne quarterback duo like the rest are if they’re going to try and fix their defense first, which it appears they’re doing here.

Round 4 – Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina

And I take the last statement back. One has to wonder at this point with almost all of the quarterback’s falling who is going to throw these guys the ball? Sanders can still be a return guy and they need that, as well as a slot receiver. So I get the pick, I just don’t understand why not take a chance on Matt Barkley this late? It was zero risk.

Round 5 – Denard Robinson, WR, Michigan

Beating a dead horse here, but moving away from their stubbornness to find an NFL level quarterback, this kind of renders the Sanders pick useless. Robinson can do everything Sanders can do, but arguably better. I understand going with value this late in the draft, I just didn’t expect them to double up here. Robinson can return kicks, play in the slot and even spend some time at running back. If only they had a guy who could get him the ball…

Round 6 – Josh Evans, S, Florida

An excellent value pick in the sixth round, I had Evan with a fourth round grade. With the team also drafting Cyprien earlier, Evans probably won’t push for a starting spot as a rookie. But they now have their safety backfield of the future on the roster and that’s needed with it becoming  more of a passing league than ever before.


Round 7 – Jeremy Harris, CB, New Mexico St.

Despite the need for a pass rush, the entire defense needed a makeover. It appears this go around they’re focusing on the secondary. He’s tall and fits the mold that Gus Bradley usually looks for in a corner.

Round 7- Demetrius McCray, CB, Appalachian St.

Ending the day with their fifth pick for the secondary makes it clear that they want to slow down the offenses within the division through the air. McCray has comparable size to Harris and the same goes for him being what Bradley likes in a corner.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of this draft for the Jaguars based solely off the fact that I’m not sure what they were aiming for. There was no way to fix all this team’s problems in one draft, I get that. But focus on one thing. If you want to make 2013 be a throw away year with a rebuild, fine. But rebuild one side of the ball first. I’d of passed on the two wide receivers and got the best pass rushers available.




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