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For those who didn’t read my work last year or the year before, I’ll explain that I do not give out a letter grade a day or two after the NFL Draft ends. I think that’s like grading students before they’ve even took the test. What I do, is review if the teams met their draft needs and if not, why.

I’ll be taking a look at every pick for every team, excluding undrafted free agents, over the month of April. Today we take a look at the 2013 draft class of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Round 1 – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

I was firmly in the camp that believed a tackle should be the pick since they gave up way too much to acquire Alex Smith. Since they were going to be stuck with him, give him a chance to succeed by drafting help in pass protection. I still think it should have been Joeckel based off of competition level in college, but many draft experts I respect preferred Fisher, so I’ll take a wait and see approach.

Round 3 – Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas

I would have preferred to see the Chiefs go after a little thunder to compliment Jamaal Charles’ lightning here. Davis, a first round prospect before his injury, still has issues with fumbling the ball and staying on the field. The position was a need, but there were better options for what they needed on the board.


Round 4 – Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama

After the tragic departure of Jovan Belcher, Johnson can step in and compete for a starting position next to Derrick Johnson. Not many expected Nico to go this high, but he fills a need and has a high ceiling.

Round 5 – Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia

Corner wasn’t too high on the Chiefs list of needs, but as a straight up value pick, I never expected to see Commings available at this spot in the draft. As far as a value pick goes, this is a no brainer. He’s a tall corner that can match up on the edge and could push for time with a big camp performance.

Round 6 – Eric Kush, C, California

With Ryan Lilja no guarantee to return in 2013, I thought that the Chiefs would address their interior some. I didn’t have a grade on him higher than an undrafted free agent, but you see that a lot after the fifth round where it’s okay to reach for need a little bit.

Round 6 – Braden Wilson, FB, Kansas St.


A lot of people reacted negatively to this pick, but I’m one of those who still likes a power running game and a thumper fullback is a must. He could have gone undrafted, but with a second pick in the sixth, I’m fine with not taking a chance of losing him once the draft was over.

Round 7 – Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton

A guy that most had graded as a fifth round selection, Catapano was a value pick in the seventh for a premium position. I’m not quite sure if he fits the scheme Reid will be installing, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt in finding a fit.

In hindsight, I wonder if the Chiefs are regretting the Alex Smith trade. Now knowing that they could have drafted Fisher and Geno Smith with their first two picks could eat away at them should Smith struggle. That, just like the decision to take Fisher when the scouting department suggested Joeckel, could be something that ties into Reid’s future with the organization.




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  1. avatar Anthony stanyard

    Nick Johnson will fit in just right with KC..

  2. avatar Anthony stanyard

    Correction… Nico Johnson


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