By Eric Schmidt

The NFL has been looking at new ways to generate interest for the Pro Bowl. Personally, this is a “game” I care very little for and very rarely ever watch. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora reported on Thursday that the NFL is suggesting changes to the method which players are selected on the two rosters. A draft, likely televised in primetime, is something the league is looking into.

LaCanfora writes-

“League officials had lengthy talks this week at the league headquarters in New York putting together more details for the Pro Bowl with things continuing to point to a format where selected players are drafted on teams, very likely on a primetime, televised selection show.

The NFLPA proposal, in which team captains and/or other parties pick players for two Pro Bowl teams once fan voting/team selection is complete, was presented to the owners two weeks ago at the league meeting and continues to generate positive momentum, sources said. There are no dissenting voices and league officials met this week to add to the skeleton they have in place for the format change, though more work must be done.”

Is there anything that the NFL won’t televise? I guess as long as people are watching, they’ll continue to pimp out shows to primetime but frankly, this is something I won’t watch. I admit, I watch the Combine and I’ll watch the first two days of the draft, but a selection show for the Pro Bowl? Come on man. It seems as if this is a very real change which could be in place by the 2014 season as LaCanfora reports that both the owners and the players union seem in favor of the move.




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