By Eric Schmidt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Jets have been intertwined in the last month as the two teams seem to find a common ground for the trade involving CB Darrelle Revis. Late this afternoon, it appears another player could be involved in a possible trade, QB Mark Sanchez.

As the NFL Draft draws closer and closer, more and more teams throw out disinformation. I am not buying the latest from Mike Florio at as he suggests Sanchez could be involved in the Buccaneers potential trade for Revis.

Here is an example of why I don’t believe this is a serious possibility straight from the PFT website

“Sanchez thrived in New York during a couple of Schiano’s seasons at Rutgers.  Schiano possibly thinks he could coax better performances out of the man who took the Jets to back-to-back AFC title games to start his career.  In Tampa, his offensive coordinator would be Mike Sullivan, who helped Eli Manning to a couple of Super Bowl wins.”

Exactly what does head coach Greg Schiano’s experience at Rutgers have to do with Sanchez? Florio cites that the Buccaneers offensive coordinator is Mike Sullivan, worked with the New York Giants.  Okay, that means nothing to the Jets organization. Sullivan worked with Eli Manning, not Sanchez.

Florio uses a “source with knowledge of the situation” when penning this piece. It’s interesting to see that at the bottom of this article, has a video article about Tim Tebow landing in Tampa. Seems as if the big boys are trying to generate some football traffic to boost ad revenue.

Mark Sanchez and his bloated contract will never land in Tampa.





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