By Eric Schmidt

Despite an orchestrated movement this offseason in order to get the Washington Redskins to change their name and/or logo, it appears that most fans are just fine with the current team’s appearance. Political correctness has wormed it’s way into just about every facet of society in recent years, and team names are front and center on their radar.

The NBC owned has been front and center this offseason when it comes to political/social  issues such as gay players coming out and they have been fairly aggressive on forcing a change for the Washington Redskins.

Mike Florio, the founder of, has spent a lot of time this offseason focusing his posts on the potential re-naming the Redskins, the possibility of gay players coming out in the NFL arena, and Tim Tebow.

Florio writes this afternoon, seemingly much to his disgust, that fans are not in favor of changing the Redskins name. He starts his piece by writing, “The push against the Redskins name has intensified in recent weeks. Public opinion has yet to follow.” Mr. Florio, the only place that the move to intensify the move to change the name has been in the media. It started in the DC media, and you have picked this movement up and run with it now that you and your website are employees of NBC Sports.

If you click on the link above, Florio writes an article which cites a couple of polls, (with no links) and then a couple of unnamed sources. He quotes two people. “one person polled last month” and “another person”. I can find lots of “other people” to comment on this issue.

While Florio cites two polls, without a link to them, claiming that 79% and 89% of people don’t want to see a Redskins name change, he still is pushing this politically correct agenda.

This is another story trying to dredge up a lingering issue that many in the main stream media will have you believe is a major issue.  I appreciate the fact that Daniel Snyder, according to Florio, will not be changing the name as long as he owns the team. Not a Redskins fan, but I appreciate Synder’s resolve. The media does not have to force a name change on a team simply because they believe it’s politically correct.




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