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Dallas Cowboys was arrested again on Thursday after he tested positive for marijuana for the second time since being released on bond. Brent has been out on bail since being charged with intoxicated vehicular manslaughter, stemming from a car crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown. This was his second failed test since being out on bond, with the first coming in May on another court ordered test. Despite the failed drug tests, multiple DUI’s and looming intoxicated vehicular manslaughter charge, the Cowboys still plan to stand behind Brent and keep him on the roster.

On December 8th of last year, Cowboys practice squad player Jerry Brown died after sustaining blunt forced trauma of the head and neck. Josh Brent was driving the car at the time and had a blood-alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit (0.8).  Only a few weeks after Brown’s death, Brent was back on the sidelines with the teammates with the blessing of Jerry Brown’s mother. She had asked the Cowboys to stand by Brent and support him after the death of her son.

I respect Jerry Brown’s mother for overcoming her heartbreak to support Josh Brent and forgiving him for her son’s death. Brent and Brown were close friends and I’m sure Brown’s death is something that Brent aches and regrets every single day. But in a span of two months, he has failed two drug tests. Regardless of your feelings about marijuana it is illegal in Texas. Brent was granted bond by the judge even after his first positive test, but now with a second test just a month later, the judge may not give him another chance. He knew the court had mandatory drug testing but he stilled failed the tests anyway. Yet, despite all of this the Cowboys still are going to keep Brent on their roster.

What happened back on December 8th wasn’t even Brent’s first DUI, he was arrested for driving drunk on February 21, 2009. He was suspended by the University of Illinois and spent 30 days in jail as punishment. After he was released Brent told the Chicago Tribune in 2009 that it gave him “a new outlook on life and some of the mistakes I’ve made” he also told the Tribune that “You realize a lot of things, how naive and how dumb you can be sometimes”. Fortunately, nobody was hurt or killed as a result of his first DUI and Brent swore it gave him a new outlook on life. Yet, just a little over two years later he made the same dumb decision and it cost the life of a close friend. Two DUI’s, two failed drug test and one intoxicated vehicular manslaughter but that still isn’t enough for the Dallas Cowboys to release him.

I will not compare this to how the New England Patriots handled Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez intentionally committed a far more evil and violent crime. Josh Brent made mindless decisions and showed arrogance and ignorance for his prior mistakes. But what kind of message are the Cowboys sending to young athletes out there? Will athletes see this as teams showing support for whatever you do, or will some end up using this to justify their own naive decisions. Teams and players need to set a positive example for the future generations, but all this does is show that if you are an athlete you can get away with things and not have to pay the consequences. It is time for the Dallas Cowboys to release Josh Brent and move in another direction. Let Brent get the help he needs from professionals and hopefully one day, he can turn his life around.


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