By Jack Spencer

It’s time for the publicity hound known as Chad Ochocinco or Chad Johnson to simply go away. Last week, Johnson made news once again after slapping his attorney on the ass in court just like he’d slap a lineman after scoring a touchdown. Johnson wasn’t on the gridiron though, he was in a courtroom and the judge did not find his antics amusing and gave him 30 days in jail.

As with every high profile celebrity, Johnson weaseled his way out of jail after just 7 days. He now states he would like to return to the NFL. Just go away.

4 million lemmings follow this moron on Twitter. Why? Johnson was slightly above average as a receiver during his NFL career and at the age of 35, he has nothing left to offer to the NFL world. Just go away.

He failed miserably as a member of the New England Patriots. He was released by the receiver needy Miami Dolphins last season after his arrest for domestic abuse with his wife. It’s time for him to realize that his NFL career is over. It’s finished. It’s time to move on to whatever venture he can secure next. Move along.

Johnson’s friend, fellow receiver, Terrell Owens has also been slapped with a dose of reality. Although always in remarkable physical condition, NFL teams opted to take a pass on the veteran receiver last season and side step the drama that comes with him. NFL teams are going to do the same with Johnson. There is no need to create a media circus for an aging average receiver.

Move along Chad. Your moment in the spotlight is over. Your NFL career is finished. No one cares about your antics any longer. You received your last fleeting moment of publicity after slapping your attorney’s ass and the media ate it up. Now simply go away.





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