By Jack Spencer

Over night, several media outlets covering the story surrounding New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez reported that an arrest warrant had been issued for obstruction of justice. Boston news stations were claiming an unnamed law enforcement official as the source.   This morning, it appears that no warrant has been issued as of yet.

Wesley Lowery reported on Twitter this morning, “Globe source: No arrest warrants issued currently in Odin Lloyd murder investigation.”

Yes, the situation surrounding Hernandez does seem pretty cloudy. There are some serious questions being raised here. If the current reports are true about Hernandez destroying his surveillance equipment at his house as well as his cell phone, then those are grounds for suspicion. Reports suggest that Hernandez had a cleaning team at his house Monday morning. Is that something he has done every week or does that report point towards a larger story? Why was Hernandez turned away from the Patriots practice facility?

I realize that in this current era of social media dominating every facet of life some reporters and outlets feel the need to report things immediately, if not sooner. In this case, it appears that outlets might have jumped the gun. Multiple stories are now emerging about Hernandez’s character and other incidents which have seemingly been covered up. features a piece on Hernandez mixing it up with veteran wide receiver Wes Welker after joining camp as a rookie. Greg Bedard claims to have spoken with two Patriots players who claim Hernandez’s behavior changed after receiving his 40+ million dollar contract extension. On Twitter, “Have heard from two Patriots teammates who said, in their opinion, Hernandez got more brazen after contract extension.”

The Boston media seems to be having a difficult time wrapping their heads around this story. It’s time for everyone to take a deep breath and let the law enforcement officials do their job. The helicopter coverage of Hernandez driving to the Patriots (deja vu O.J. Simpson) facility yesterday was just a little too much. The story will eventually come out although it might be in a few days much to the dismay of some in the media.





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