By Jack Spencer

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the leading NFL franchise poised to relocate to London. The NFL has expressed a desire to place a full time franchise in London in order to expand their market for several years now. League owners such as Robert Kraft have openly lobbied for such a move. Commissioner Roger Goodell has gone as far as stating he would consider placing a Super Bowl in London.

Whether NFL fans like the move or not, it’s becoming more and more apparent that this talk is not going to subside anytime soon. CBS’s Jason LaCanfora reported that it’s no longer a matter of “if” a team lands in London, but when. But which team makes the move? According to LaCanfora, his sources suggest the team most likely to relocate across the pond is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Yes people of Jacksonville, we have heard the words from owner Shahid Khan’s mouth that he has no desire to move the team. In reality, Khan did not amass his vast wealth by making foolish decisions and moving the team to London makes perfect financial sense.

Jaguars fans will make the cast that the two other franchises in the State of Florida are struggling much worse with attendance numbers. However, the two venues where the Buccaneers and Dolphins play are favorite locations to host Super Bowls. Tampa hosts a very good Super Bowl logistically speaking and Miami will eventually get their stadium deal done. Jacksonville hosted one Super Bowl after they joined the league, but the big game will never return to Jacksonville again, the city does not have the infrastructure. When the city hosted the big game, crusie ships had to be brought in so the venue would have enough “hotel rooms”.

Honestly, the Jaguars don’t compete against their in state NFL franchises for audience, but rather with the University of Florida. In London, the Jaguars would have an entire country to themselves.

The Jaguars have long been a team rumored to be on the move. When discussions about a team relocating to Los Angeles emerged, Jacksonville was at the top of the list.

With no disrespect to the people of Jacksonville, I seriously doubt the league would place a team there again if it had the move to do over again. The city is very near the Georgia state line and is several hours from the more populous regions of the state. In retrospect, San Antonio might have been a better location for the franchise.

Mr. Khan could easily increase the value of his franchise by at least $150 million dollars with such a move. Since the league is based on revenue sharing between the clubs, a relocation vote would meet no resistance and the team’s merchandise sales would immediately skyrocket.

The NFL expanded it’s NFL International series this season to include two games played overseas. The biggest risk for the league would be whether or not the citizens of London would support the NFL brand for an entire slate of 10 games or whether one or two games currently played across the Atlantic is more of a novelty.

There should be no doubt that it’s not coincidence that the Jaguars are playing a game in London for the next four seasons. Mr. Khan told reporters that the move was made to sell Jacksonville to the world after the team announced the overseas slate of games. More likely, Khan is trying to sell the Jaguars to London.





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  1. avatar Robert

    golly gee..

    another fool semi-journalist jumping on the anti-jacksonville bandwagon without ever doing any research..

    JAGS MOVING..?..

    Never going to happen until after the year 2030, at the earliest.

    Shad Kahn paid $777 million for the Jags.

    By contract with the City of Jacksonville, in order to move the Jags, TWO (2) THINGS MUST HAPPEN…

    (1) – the team must suffer “3 consecutive years of total loss of income.” not just no profit, but an actual LOSS OF VALUE.

    The Jags haven’t blacked out a game in 4 years, and since the Jags have always been profitable, and are 26 in profitability out of the 32 teams, 3 years of loss just isn’t going to happen.

    (note: Miami and Tampa blacked out over 5 games last year. each. )

    (2) – Shad Kahn will have to pay another $539 million to the City of Jacksonville if he makes a move before the contract ends in the year 2030 if the “3 consecutive year loss” event actually happens….

    ($35 million as a penalty. $320 million to buy out the remainder of the year 2030 contract with the City of Jacksonville, plus $184 million to refund to the City of Jacksonville it’s half of the funds it paid to rebuild, and upgrade the Stadium to meet the NFL’s new standards.)

    35 plus 320 plus 184 equals $539 million dollars..

    In conclusion, like you say. Shad Kahn is a businessman, and will do nothing to lose money.

    There is no way Shad Kahn is going to pay $539 million dollars to the City of Jacksonville in order to go to London NOW, when he could wait until the year 2030, and move for FREE…

    Do the MATH..

    The City of Jacksonville is keeping Shad honest, and has already fought with him when he last tried to go against the terms of the 2030 Contract.

    As the saying goes, “that dog just don’t hunt.”

    • avatar Jack Spencer

      Boy, if you are hanging your hat on the fact that the Jaguars have a contract with the city of Jacksonville as a means of keeping the team in town, good luck with that. Businesses break contracts and leases all the time. I could care less what the lease reads, it’s what will happen in reality is what matters. The city will likely back down and accept a 150 million dollar penalty and Khan will be glad to pay it. If not, Khan will likely be happy to go to court and if he loses, pay off the judgement over a 20 year period. It must be something in the water in Jacksonville because their fans have a delusional way of looking at the world.

      • avatar bcgreg of ProFootballTalk

        Not as delusional as you, if you think big name superstar players are going to play in London, guess again!

        If London gets a team, they will consist of nothing but desperate hacks (like Ryan Leaf if he wasn’t retired), unless they are willing to overpay a big name superstar, but of course they won’t have any money left to fill out the rest of the positions with big name superstars, thus guaranteeing that London will become the 1993-2012 Pittsburgh Pirates of football.

        Bozeman, Montana has a better chance of getting the Jaguars than London, let alone the most obvious choices like L.A. and San Antonio.

      • avatar Robert


        The delusional one is you…

        No doubt you voted for Obama.

        • avatar Jeff G.

          Robert, You are right again! Jack is a pos.

    • avatar Jeff G

      Robert, Makes perfect sense. Jack the so called writer is an idiot! Read what Robert said to get informed. THE TEAM IS NOT MOVING!!!!!!!


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