By Jack Spencer

Former first-round NFL Draft selection and widely regarded as one of the biggest draft busts in history, QB JaMarcus Russell, worked out for the Chicago Bears this week. Russell showed up weighing in a 267 pounds, not bad for a tight end, but Russell plays quarterback. Russell has struggled with his weight over the years and was reportedly tipping the scales at 311 when he attempted to jump start his failed NFL career.

Russell has been working out with former NFL journeyman quarterback Jeff Garcia and his team this offseason and would like to have another shot in the NFL. His passion for the game has been questioned throughout his brief NFL career and it appears that the Chicago Bears have no interest in signing the former Oakland Raiders quarterback according to various reports, including ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The former LSU quarterback has made a serious attempt at trying to resurrect his career in the NFL, but has generated little interest. It is interesting however that the Bears decided to work Russell out though. Chicago’s rookie head coach Marc Trestman trained free agent quarterback Tim Tebow prior to him being selected in the NFL Draft and many speculated that Chicago could be a landing spot for Tebow, a player that no NFL team wants to seemingly be associated with at this point. Instead of bringing in Tebow, Trestman reached out to one of the biggest draft failures perhaps of all-time. It seriously appears that Tebow’s NFL career is on hold, and potentially over.




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  1. avatar Osama Bin Coolin

    Im so sick of these racially motivated articles! Cock sucker, get a life! Some how you jerkoffs find a way to write more insulting articles about Tim I suck as a quarterback Tebow and how he shud get a shot at playing or why is he not getting a shot and Russell is! The real question is why do you morons keep writing positive articles about Tebow and bash questionable black quarterbacks??? We all know the answer to that! Teams will give Russell because a motivated Russell can actually play! Tebow blows chunks. Im sure you hate Terrell Pryor as well! He has also been compared to Tebow and bashed as well. I am sick of you losers!!!!!!!!!


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