By Jack Spencer

Free agent and veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens has finally smelled the coffee. It’s time to hang up the cleats and move on the the next chapter in his life. During an interview with CBSSports, Owens acknowledged that he will retire if he is unsigned for the 2013 season, “If I don’t play this year, I’m retiring.” That’s not really a bold statement for someone that hasn’t caught a pass since the 2010 season. Owens was a player that came with a lot of chaotic behavior. He was never one to shy away from the spotlight. If only Twitter had been around while he was in the prime of his career.

One cannot dispute Owens’ contribution on the field, but as he moved from team to team, locker room issues and feuds with teammates seemed to crop up at nearly every stop.  The receiver that has stops with six NFL teams and has over 15,000 career yards, has likely seen his last snap in the NFL. Owens did work out for the Seattle Seahawks last season, but was eventually released before the start of the season.

His behavior early in his career dogged him through the latter stages. He was no problem as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals or the Buffalo Bills. But, approaching 40 this December, Owens will likely not get a call from one of the 32 NFL franchises.

CBSSports reports that Owens is currently working out with his friend and former teammate, Chad Johnson. Both players have had controversial NFL careers and both are at the end of their career. Owens claims he is trying to help Johnson through some tough times according to CBSSports, “Chad is going through a similar situation as me,” said Owens. “People wonder why I’m working out with Chad. Chad is my friend and he’s going through some tough times right now trying to get himself straight. I wanted to help him.”

Both of these receivers are at the end of their career and  need to exit stage left, gracefully. It’s likely that neither will get a call from a franchise this offseason, even if an injury befalls a team. It appears that teams are really moving away from distractions by players and both Owens and Johnson are just that.

Owens should just hang it up while waiting and wondering if his next call will be from the Hall of Fame in Canton, he has certainly put up some numbers worthy of consideration.





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