By Jack Spencer

The Cleveland Browns, a team perpetually mired in turmoil and losing seasons, have decided that they want to enhance the game day experience for their fans. On Monday, the team announced plans that will help Browns fans enjoy their trip to the stadium even more this season. The Browns are just one of many teams making changes around the league as the NFL is realizing that the advent of HD television was not such a great thing for the game.

The Browns will be adding more turnstiles. Season ticket holders will be receiving transparent bags in order to conform with the league’s new bag policy. The team is improving it’s wireless coverage. The Browns plan for splashier pre-game introductions with a drum line and a DJ. The team is planning to create new pregame rituals and adding more team stores.

Wait. More team stores enhances the game day experience? I thought that just translated into more revenue for the league through merchandise sales. Silly me.

Why do the Browns, a historic franchise, need new pregame rituals?

Here’s a memo to the Browns front office. If you really want to enhance the game day experience for your fans, start winning on the field. How about a .500 season to start with? How about finding a franchise quarterback? How about some stability at the front office and head coaching position?

Cleveland fans are fanatic about their team. The Browns could add 200 new turnstiles and that won’t enhance the game day experience like a winning team would. The rabid members of the Dawg Pound would stand in waist deep snow for five hours to enter the stadium if the team was winning games. Hell, they nearly do that now any way.

Drop the drum line. Skip over the DJ. Unplug the wireless. Simply produce a winner on the field for a change. That should be the main focus of the front office.  The poor, loyal fans of Cleveland deserve that. One trip to the playoffs since 1999? Come on man.




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