By Jack Spencer

Former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper has reportedly lost his house in foreclosure. According to CBS Sports, Culpepper bought a 9,867 square foot home in South Florida after he signed a deal to play for the Miami Dolphins after coming off a serious knee injury. Culpepper has made his way around the league, playing for various team, but I feel no sympathy for him.

You are an average quarterback, coming off of an injury. You get a deal with the Miami Dolphins, a team team still banging their head over not signing Drew Brees instead of you, and you are broke.

Coming off a serious knee injury, was it really necessary to purchase a near 10,000 square foot residence? Wouldn’t a humble 3,000 square feet abode do well? Seriously. You are not Tom Brady. Brady and his wife make more money than most third world nation’s gross domestic revenue. They can afford to build a mansion to the sky in Cali. You cannot.

This is just another example of how professional athletes throw money around as if it’s going to last forever. Culpepper showed promise in Minnesota but became a journeyman after his injury, spending time with various other NFL teams as well as playing in the now defunct- UFL.

Serious waste of money once again by another athlete. Very sad.




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